Announcing that the portal for orders for the 2017 Banishing Negativity Burn is open for pre-orders!

What is the Banishing Negativity Burn?

It is a way to relinquish and release the hold that negativity has on you because of associating with or in the close proximity of someone who is envious of you. These people could be friends, co-workers, neighbors, and even family! Usually these are persons who are desirous of what you have and have achieved this year – a promotion, new car or home, love relationship or marriage, and much more! It is not because a lack of their ability to achieve the same as you – usually it is because they do not have the ability to wish you happiness in your venture because when they take time for introspection, they COULD be as successful as you, but they do not want to put the ‘sweat equity’ and work into gaining their goals.

How can the Banishing Negativity Burn help You?

To name the person giving you trouble, you send a petition to the Heavens to release them from you and your surroundings and the hold they have on your success and happiness. You light a candle and your petition burns, along with frankincense and myrrh (two sacred scents in the Old Testament) , the smoke wafts skyward to burn off that negativity and leaving you refreshed for a New Year 2018, alive with new possibilities!

How can I participate in the Banishing Negativity Burn?

There are two ways:

Order a tealight for general negativity removing prayers

1.) A white tealight devotion with your petition – $1.50 each – good for general negativity removal. Please order one for each member of your family if they want to participate with you. Once your order has been received, an e-mail will be sent to you asking for a brief explanation of the negative issue. You may order the tealight candle and petition below.






Order a Doll to be made in the image of someone who caused you grief

2.) A black poppet doll with your petition – $25.00 each – an excellent choice to target certain individuals who have been ‘over the top’ in their torture of you.  These people were relentless in causing you trouble and did not get the message when you told them to stop, but continued their ‘campaign of terror’ and their personal attacks on you. Time for them to have the Heavens administer a little “Justice”. Once your order has been received, and e-mail will be sent to you asking for a more intensive explanation of for whom this poppet doll is for (you may submit a photo in jpg. style). Order your poppet doll below.



NOTE: We do not have any more poppet dolls for this ritual. Thank you for your interest.


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