The Autumn and especially early November is a time that traditionally held as a series of days to remember those that have passed. While November 1st is set aside by the Catholic church as a day to honor the Saints, the Feast Day of All Souls is on November 2nd.

This year as last, we set a table for those who have passed in our friends and family lineage that we want to remember. These loved ones were beside us on the Earth but now are called up to the Heavens to look down on us and guide us as we continue our journey here.

This altar for the Ancestros and loved ones is a way that you can honor and give thanks to your relatives in a specially built outdoor offering table for the ancestors on All Souls Day, November 2, 2021.The cost for a devotional 7-day candle and community offering is $20.00. The altar will be filled with the things our loved ones enjoyed while on Earth – food, sweets, tobacco, flowers, and more, Photos will be sent to you of your candle and the altar.  Look for the notification in the e-mail updates that are coming as we get closer to the date. To participate, order your candles here:


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