The Lion’s Gate Portal in the celestial sky will open from July 26th to August 12 and it is considered a time when the Sun activates Divine energies and major transformations occur during this time that do not happen any other time of the year.


For 2020 the  energy has the frequency of the double master number of the number 2. Doubling up the number 2 (as in 2020) will power up the Divine Feminine, while doubling up 0 suggests the Void. It’s all about empowerment and manifesting creation and rebirth. Your focus should be clear that at this moment you allow intuitive energy to create the life you want radiate throughout you.


Lighting a candle for power, energy, action, and intent on 08/08/2020 will aid and assist in propelling you into the next phase of your manifestation process or activate your initial urges to create the kind of world you want to be living in for the rest of the year.


* Jump start your educational or career choices and options

* Get a real handle on finances that are spiraling out of control

* Get the energy of fire under your personal and professional goals for the rest of 2020


What happens during the Lion’s Gate Portal Candle Ritual?

1.) Your candle, with your specific intention, will be lit and photographed at the beginning of the ritual.

2.) Each day, you will receive an inspirational message and a mantra, or chant, to consider using during a meditating and visualization time you choose. Usually early morning over coffee or at the end of the day before bedtime is optimum times.

3.) When your candle has finished, a final photo and a brief explanation of the burn will conclude your ritual.



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