Greetings! The Winter Season is upon us and both of us are wrapping up loose ends for the holidays that are coming and the end of the year. Many cultures believe that rectifying old accounts for a ‘fresh start’ is best for Good Luck in 2017, as well as doing the rituals of banishment and ‘putting things to an end’ so that nothing ‘carries over’ into the New Year.

This is what the Banishing Negativity Burn Ritual is utilized to do – get rid of negativity and people who haunted you with their jealousy, envy and spite in 2016. Time to make a new start so you can go forward in positivity and success without road blocks in your way. It is a ritual to aid and assist the release from blockages that others have placed on you.

Many of you have participated in the past and understand what is needed, but for those who are new to this ritual, briefly to banish people out of your life, it is recommended that you purchase a custom created black doll poppet that I will label with their photo (if any) and the “charges” of what they have done to you in the past. This poppet is burned in effigy in a bonfire filled with releasing candles and herbs and petitions to the Heavens, so that the Celestial Beings with aid and assist like in the Old Testament, when temples created burnt offerings for blessings. The idea of Blessing of Release of Torment from Individuals who will not Leave You Alone is the intention of the Banishing Negativity Burn Ritual.


We are out of poppet dolls and candles for this year. Please look for this ritual next year. Thank you.


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