30 Minute Obi Divination Reading by Telephone


30 minute Obi Divination Q & A Session by Telephone – $31.00*


Many times you want quick answers to what is happening around you so that you can work quickly towards a solution. The 30 minute Obi Divination Reading by Telephone is for you!

Obi divination is a methodology of obtaining answers to specific questions. This tradition comes from the Caribbean religion of Lukumi to obtain answers to specific questions that you may have.

There are five possible answers with two “Yes” answers in varying intensities, two “No” answers with different meanings, and a “Maybe” answers that requires clarity of the question before answering clearly.


Obi divination is offered in my tarot readings, but sometimes you need direct answers. If this is so, then Obi is for you.

NOTE: Once you order your reading, I will contact you by e-mail to set up a specific time for you and I to speak. There is no calendar to choose from but most readings occur with 1-2 days from ordering.

  • This service is only offered by Telephone. If you want to observe a divination with Obi in person, please order a 1 hour Reading in Person and it is used in combination with my tarot reading – thank you.