30 Minute Spiritual Consultation for Best Method of Remediation by Telephone


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Order a Blessed Candle Service for Yourself or a Loved One

Spiritual Consultations for Best Method Remediation are conducted when you are certain of your exact issue and the person(s) behind the issue and you need spiritual advice whether to use candle rituals or something stronger to eliminate the problem. This is a one-on-one conversation in which you give to me specific incidents, names, and issues contained within your story, then I will give you verbally an immediate response to action and then send you a more detailed e-mail with options that you can consider to use to complete the ritual. This is a time to ask about the efficacy of the spell work or candle work that you think will be successful.

Offerings to Ochun at the River for Assistance with Love and Money

Offerings to Ochun at the River for Assistance with Love and Money

This is not a regular tarot reading in which you get various areas of your current situation covered, but it is with clarity of mind that you have a feeling or “know” who or what is behind this circumstance and you are ready to gain the knowledge to conduct your own personal ritual or to consider options that I can help you with on the issue, so that we can work together to your most desired effect.

A Client's Adimu for Obatala for a Special Request

A Client’s Adimu for Obatala for a Special Request

Once you order this consultation, a calendar will open for you so that you can choose a day that fits with your busy schedule. Once I receive the order, I will contact you through text and e-mail so we can schedule a time on the day you have chosen. I will then call you on your telephone and we can talk about this issue, and start working together to end the problem.

Note: This is a telephone remediation consultation. We will speak first on the phone and then a written e-mail will come to you within 2-3 days with a plan of action.