EARLY BIRD SPECIAL! One Hour Reading by Telephone – $40.00




Start your morning off with a reading

now 7 days a week!



Early Bird Special*


Mon. * Tues. * Weds. * Thurs. * Fri. * Sat. * Sun.

One Hour Reading by Telephone – $40.00*

10 am Eastern

 9 am Central

 8 am Mountain

7 am Pacific** 

West Coast clients read the message below before ordering!

People living in CA., OR., or WA. you MUST be available at 7 am.

(a $10.00 savings!)


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Remember to book at least 6 hours in advance for same day readings


* Effective 08/2021 People living in CA., OR., or WA. you MUST be available at 7 am. PLEASE be respectful of our time together, as I can no longer wait for your appointment if you are running late. It is simply not honorable to you and myself to wait and if this occurs, I will be forced to cancel our appointment and issue you a $10.00 refund. There are no changes available to this policy. Your time is respected by me calling on time, and you respect me by being ready on time.

* * * * *


This special* is for those “early birds” who want a reading before the day starts! Pour yourself a coffee or tea and let’s plan and strategize that new vision you have for your life while tacking the issues you are going through.

This reading is each day, 7 days a week at 10 am Eastern/ 9 am Central/ 8 am Mountain/ 7 am Pacific and cannot be changed for any other time slot.

Please make sure you are available at this early hour when you book in as there is no rescheduling available.

** This time only – no time change/rescheduling available for this special price