EARLY BIRD SPECIAL! One Hour Reading by Telephone – $40.00




Start your morning off with a reading!


Early Bird Special*


Mon. * Tues. * Weds. * Thurs. * Fri. * Sat. * Sun.

One Hour Reading by Telephone – $40.00*

10 am Eastern

 9 am Central

 8 am Mountain

7 am Pacific** 

West Coast clients read the message below before ordering!

People living in CA., OR., or WA. you MUST be available at 7 am.

(a $10.00 savings!)

Remember to book at least 6 hours in advance for same day readings


* Effective 08/2021 People living in CA., OR., or WA. you MUST be available at 7 am. PLEASE be respectful of our time together, as I can no longer wait for your appointment if you are running late. It is simply not honorable to you and myself to wait until you are finished with other obligations to have your reading. If this occurs, I will be forced to cancel our appointment and issue you a $10.00 refund. There are no changes available to this policy. Your time is respected by me calling on time, and you respect me by being ready on time.

This special* is for those “early birds” who want a reading before the day starts! Pour yourself a coffee or tea and let’s plan and strategize that new vision you have for your life while tacking the issues you are going through.

This reading is each day, 7 days a week at 10 am Eastern/ 9 am Central/ 8 am Mountain/ 7 am Pacific and cannot be changed for any other time slot.

Please make sure you are available at this early hour when you book in as there are no refunds or rescheduling available.

** This time only – no time change/rescheduling available for this special price