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Mama said to me once when I had barely turned a young woman, “When the hound gets into the chicken house and kills a hen, you have to destroy the dog.” Wow! Pretty strong visions of the demise of the dog flashed through my mind. My mother  grew up on a farm in Texas, so her early childhood years taught her some harsh reality at times. I asked why, not knowing that there was a message behind the message. She replied, “Once they get a taste for blood, they’ll try and try again to get another hen. Pretty soon, you’ll have no more chickens.”

In later years, I come to find that this statement can apply to a cheating partner. I believe cheating is a character trait, like honesty and courage.

It is a choice. No one put a gun to their head. They did it of their own choice, free will, whatever. I relate it to little Joey sneaking cookies out of the cookie jar like he thinks Mom won’t eventually notice it.

I read the Tarot for many who have found that their partner, both male and female, have cheated on them and had ‘something-on-the-side’. Sad is the cheating person who compromised the trust someone placed in you when you said “I do” – whether there was a ceremony or not, because each and every time someone considers starting a relationship it is an “I do” moment. I do trust you, I do love you, I do want a future with you. When cheating is revealed, dreams are dashed and families are torn apart.

What is even more sad is the one who was cheated on wants to delve into the “Why?” of the situation – “Why did he do it?”, “Will she get back with me?” At this point, does it matter?

My question is “Why would you want this to come back to you?” Why would you value yourself less to allow this person to justify themselves or even give them a chance to hurt you again?

You are valued and valuable.

Now, I understand here might be property or children added to this situation but when it comes down to it, why do you not value yourself enough to not give them a chance to do this injustice to you again? If you left a country with a horrific disease taking many lives, would you go back there only to chance getting it? If you were attacked on a certain street, would you walk down that same boulevard again? No.

Mama said, Mama said…..

Have a great week!


 The Tarot by Jacqueline | Think About It series is thought and anecdotes about daily living situations and the sometimes hidden meanings that apply to other aspects of our lives.


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