Candle Services with Tarot by Jacqueline are a visual experience and are considered tangible as you are presented with a beginning burn candle photo and an ending burn candle photo, along with a brief written report on the candle burn results. There is no worrying that you are being cheated out of a candle burn with Tarot by Jacqueline as you receive a photo with your whole petition attached within a day of your order. Then, at the end of the candle service, you receive a final photo and an explanation on what happened during the burn. In the case of erratic candle ‘behavior’, such as cracking or exploding, a mid-burn e-mail will be sent to you to ask if there were any changes to your situation, as many times such serious events indicate drastic change.

Example of end of burn candle photo

(names have been removed for privacy)

When your order is received, I determine if additional information is needed, and if so, I contact you through e-mail. Then, I created your petition, anoint the candle, light it at the appropriate time (for drawing in between the hours of 6:36 and 11:55) or banishing away (between the hours of 1:10 to 5:25). A photo is taken and sent to you within a few hours (depending on schedule). Once your candle has finished, a final photo of the candle burn is taken (see example above) and it is sent via e-mail within a day of it going out.

Once this e-mail report is sent, it is deleted from my files, so that I can make file space on my computer for new orders. It is strongly suggested that you keep that e-mail on file on your computer to refer back to in the future. I do not have copies to refer back to if a question arises.