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NOTE: All readings with Tarot by Jacqueline are pre-scheduled through the website. Because of scheduling parameters, it is rare that I take immediate readings and I do not accept cash, Western Union, or any other app device as a form of payment. This is to ensure that we both are aware that there is an appointment time for a reading and that the proper scheduling of this appointment respects the busy lives of both you and I.


 * Tarot Readings –

* * *  All  one hour tarot readings are 60 minutes in length with 50 minutes for the actual reading and approximately 10 minutes of a Q & A period for various questions on candles, oils and other items pertinent to the Reading.

 In my tarot readings I lay down three layers of cards with the first layer presenting key issues that will need to be addressed during the reading. This is ‘news’ that the Tarot wants you to pay special attention to in your reading. Like a synopsis of your whole life situation, it lays the groundwork for the remainder of the reading.

“Jacqueline has been reading and healing people for over 19 years and over these years has built up an enviable reputation for her commitment to making sure each clients needs are not only met but exceeded.” – Julia D.

The second layer, when placed on top of the first, gives us a deeper understanding of what is “going on” in your life and may address issues with love and romance, career, finances and money, education, family members, enemies and friends, spiritual and living guides and “angels” and your own spiritual growth. This layer will also give indications on how to rectify the situation and where most of your questions will formulate in your mind. This is where you will want to find out how to “rid” your self of the negative issues and how to attract the “goodness” in. This layer is where I also ask with my other divination system I use for quantity of candles to be burned, if any, and other “prescriptions” to bring balance, clarity and positive changes to your life.

You may want to ask questions such as:

  • “Will I get the job or promotion?”
  • “Is there a chance that he/she and I can be successful in love?”
  • “Should I return to school or college?”
  • “Can I get rid of the negativity so I can open my path to better opportunities?”

The last layer will speak to you about outcomes and what to look for in the coming future time. This the time to plan strategies that will get you through tough times and plan to use ideas to enhance the good things coming to you.

At the close of the reading, you will have a chance again to ask any lingering questions you may have regarding your reading. Within a day or so, I will send an e-mail with suggestions for magical remediation for the issues discussed in your reading.

It is good to have a pen and paper available at the time of your reading so that you can jot down suggestions and ideas for personal growth.

I do not predict time of death, sex of baby, or address questions regarding cheating lovers/spouses.

 * Obi Divination Readings – 

* * * All Obi divination readings are 30 minutes in length * * *

With Obi divination readings, the tarot cards are not used. It is strictly a Question and Answer session, with you asking me to pose a question regarding a situation and I cast Obi to give you the answer or the probability of obtaining a positive outcome.

Once you order, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you, usually within 24-48 hours in most cases (holidays/special events). Please make sure you include a phone number if you are ordering a telephone reading. You will receive additional e-mails that ask for your telephone number before your appointment time. It is your responsibility to check your e-mails for updates and messages from me. I specifically do this because people change their telephone numbers frequently and I want to have the most updated one stored in my system. If you are ordering an in-person reading, you will receive an additional e-mail with driving directions. Please follow the instructions contained within the e-mail.

Many Blessings,

To check your time zone vs. the appointment times listed on the ordering page, go to:

and fill out the information.

Please note: In the event of a missed call from me to you for your telephone reading, I will leave a voicemail, send a text (if possible) and/or send an e-mail, indicating it is time for your reading. wait 15 minutes for you to return a call for your reading. I will then send you a reminder e-mail at the time of your reading. If I do not hear from you within 15 minutes, I will refund $7.00 back to you and keep the remainder. This includes the fee charged to me for refunds.

* In the event that you show up late for an in person reading and do not call me, depending on my booking schedule I will either adjust your reading according to my schedule or cancel your reading. There are no exceptions. If you are traveling, make sure you have ample time to do so. Further information is contained within your “Confirmation” e-mail that you receive. For complete information regarding terms, please visit my “Cancellation and Refund Policy” page under the “Order a Reading” page at  the top of the website page. Please make sure you are available a the time we have chosen for your reading. Thank you.

* Refund not applicable to “Special Reading” promotions or offers
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