Spring has finally arrived on the East Coast. Winters here are far different than my former West Coast locale, as Winter takes it’s sweet time, like gooey sap from a Maple tree; resisting leaving the tree to become maple syrup. Finally the Forsythia blooms, the birds come back, nagging me at daybreak to put out the feeders (we take them in at night because of raccoons). The leaves and the grass is a bright lime green and the grey, cloudy days are less and less.

Spring also brings renewal and hope for humankind as well. We have religious and spiritual observations and also Earth Day, and we buy hanging baskets of flowers and a few new green plants for our home. Our hearts and spirit are lifted and we begin to create and do more because of the additional sunlight in the daytime hours.

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Spiritual Ritual of the Month

Mother’s Day White Memorial Candle Service

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 14th and we celebrate the hardest working person on the face of the Earth. While many of you are planning to attend religious services and/or take Mom out to lunch or dinner, shopping or maybe send some flowers and a card, there are those, like me, who have had their Mother pass to another place. Despite being a Mother of five myself and a grandmother of 9, I miss having a Mom to call when I have to rant about the rising cost of groceries, or ask how to get a stain out of something that seems destined for the rag bag. Here is a a simple, yet touching way to honor that woman who gave you birth.


  • 1 White glass 7 – day Novena type candle
  • Blessing or Healing Oil
  • Small saucer
  • Rose or Carnation in a bud vase
  • Photograph or image of your Mother

Clean candle with lemon juice or alcohol, let dry completely. Choose a small table or fireplace mantle for your set up. Place a white kerchief or crochet lace doily there with the photograph and the bud vase with flower on it.

Take the white candle and pour a few drops of the oil into the top of the candle, rubbing it or swirling it around clockwise to send that healing or blessing out. Place candle on saucer, then on the doily, light it and pray the Psalm 23 or recite a Hail Mary. Let it sit there and burn until done.

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That’s it for now! May everyday be blessed for you.





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