My Early Years

I was born in the month of July and I am a Cancer Sun, Leo Moon, Aries Ascendant with a stellium in Leo.I am boldly Honest and Clear in my Readings and powerful in my Magical work. I grew up with the Spirit world around me and I delved into the Mysteries at an early age. I am a natural born Clairaudient and Clairsentient. This means I “hear” messages and “feel” things because of using these sensory indicators. I have been empathic and intuitive all my life.Welcome to Tarot By Jacqueline

My Family Lineage and Ancestors

My Mother’s Family hails from Beauregard Parish in southwestern Louisiana and many family members still live near Lake Charles, LA. I am of the Native American Tribe of Alabama Coushatta and my great grandmother was a local medicine woman and healer.

On my father’s side, my family are located throughout the western hills of Pennsylvania, and I have recently began studies in the Pennsylvania Dutch folk magic that is so richly ensconced in that region. I am blessed with Irish, Scottish, English and Dutch ancestry from this side.

My Spiritual Journey – California back to my Louisiana Roots

There is no accident that I have been chosen to complete this circle in my family heritage. From my early years when I voraciously read the now defunct Dell Horoscope magazine and two near-death experiences to my adolescent practices with Rosecrucian mysteries and my natural wonder curiosities. From my studies in various religious practices to graduation from classes with cat yronwode. From my prophecies of things to come to my family members, to my calling to Santeria from the Goddess Yemaya (Yemoja, Iemanja) to worship her and pay homage to all the Orichas in ritual and song,

I am here because the Spirits want me to serve and utilize my Gifts of Spirit for others.



As honest and insightful the information revealed in my readings can be in terms of situations, circumstances, and events, your card reading and Obi divination is not to be construed as medical advice, legal advice, or financial advice. I do give you examples on how the reading can possibly play out, but it not a demand or requirement for you to follow said example in your decision making capabilities. If you feel the need for medical, legal, or financial advice, please take those to the licensed professionals in your area. This being said, “Tarot readings from Tarot by Jacqueline are provided for entertainment purposes only” as I am required to post on this website.

 * For legal matters, seek an attorney or lawyer. For medical matters, seek a physician.

 * No guarantees or assurances of any kind are given by Jacqueline and she will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by reading recipients based on information provided during readings.

 * There are no guarantees events will happen that are discussed in a reading can predict, forecast, diagnose, or provide information with absolute certainty.

 * For entertainment purposes only

Privacy is of utmost concern with me and your personal information gathering in your order will never be sold or given to any other individual as I hold your confidentiality and desire for discretion in your personal matters in high regard.