Here are important dates for you for New and Full Moons, Eclipses, and Mercury Retrograde for 2023. Use these celestial movements to calculate the best times for candle rituals and other important decisions to be made in the coming year.




Full Moon – Jan. 6th  6:09 pm eastern  Full Wolf Moon in Cancer

New Moon – Jan. 21st 3:55 pm eastern in Capricorn

MERCURY RETROGRADE (started December 29, 2022) Ends on January 18, 2023



Full Moon – Feb. 5th 1:30 pm eastern Full Snow Moon in Leo

New Moon –  Feb. 20th 2:09 am eastern in Pisces


MARCH 2023

Full Moon – Mar. 7th 7:42 am eastern  Full Worm Moon in Virgo

New Moon – Mar. 21  1:26 pm eastern in Pisces


APRIL 2023

Full Moon – Apr. 6th 12:37 am eastern  Full Pink Moon in Libra

New Moon – Apr.  20th  12:15 am eastern in Taurus SOLAR ECLIPSE

MERCURY RETROGRADE – April 21, 2023 (lasts until May 14, 2023)


MAY 2023

Full Moon – May 5th  1:36 pm eastern  Full Flower Moon in Scorpio LUNAR ECLIPSE

New Moon – May 19th  11:55 am eastern in Taurus


JUNE 2023

Full  Moon – June 3rd 11:43 pm eastern  Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius

New Moon – June 18th  12:39 am eastern in Cancer


JULY 2023

Full Moon – July 3rd  7:40 am eastern  Full Buck Moon in Capricorn

New Moon – July 17th 2:33 pm eastern in Cancer



Full  Moon Aug. 1st 2:33 pm eastern  Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius

New Moon – Aug. 16th  5:38 am eastern in Leo

MERCURY RETROGRADE – August 23, 2023 (lasts until September 15, 2023)

BLUE MOON  Full Aug. 30th  9:37 pm eastern   Full Blue Moon in Pisces



Full  Moon – Sept. 14th  9:40 pm eastern  Full Corn Moon in Virgo

New Moon – Sept. 29th 5:58 am eastern in Aries



Full Moon – Oct. 14th  1:55 pm eastern Full Hunter Moon in  Libra SOLAR ECLIPSE

New Moon – Oct. 28th  4:24 pm eastern in Taurus LUNAR ECLIPSE



Full  Moon – Nov. 13th  4:27 am eastern  Full Beaver Moon in Scorpio

New Moon – Nov. 27th  4:16 am eastern in Gemini



Full Moon – Dec. 12th  6:32 pm eastern  Full Cold Moon in Sagittarius

MERCURY RETROGRADE – December 13, 2023 (lasts until January 1, 2024)

New Moon –  Dec. 26th  7:33 pm eastern in Cancer


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