The client is sitting at the table with the root worker, observing the various pinches of herbs, minerals, zoological and roots that is filling the cotton flannel felt bag. The client takes a slip of paper, writes her full name and birth date on it. She fills out her wish, her desire. She wraps it towards her three times, tying it off with a strand of her hair. She places it in the filled bag the worker has provided. Special words are whispered into the bag by the client, them pinched closed and tied off, the strings sealed with the wax from a red candle. Special care instructions and activation condition oil is explained and demonstrated. The client leaves with her brown paper bag of power and her thoughts on the outcome of her actions.

What is a Mojo Bag?This scene has been played out over centuries in the creation of a mojo bag. Traditionally considered by many cultures as a fetish or symbol of empowerment and protection. Depending on the culture, it goes by many names; toby, mojo, hand, charm, resquardo, wanga, gris-gris or gree-gree.

A mojo bag is a mixture of the above mentioned items to activate power or attraction of the desired result, whether it is love, marriage, success, gambling or money. Some are made for sexual prowess or to keep a marriage faithful.

The traditional mojo bag is made of red cotton flannel, but some cultures use leather for durability.

You would be surprised at the number of people who carry a mojo bag and the walks of life that they come from, whether the rich and famous or the next door neighbor. Many musicians carry their bag in the inner pick or capo compartment of guitar case. Some tie it around their necks or under one arm to rest under their armpit. Some pin it into their undergarments but all will tell you that once activated, their mojo bag must not be touched, and in some beliefs, not even seen, lest their “power” is stolen and the bag becomes ineffective and needs to be recharged, cleansed and re worked by the root worker to “become good and new again”.


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