Happy New Year! May this be the best year for you and your loved ones!

The letter of the Year indicates that Obatala and Ochun (Oshun) rule the year this year. Wisdom and Beauty. Wise counsel and Prosperity. Longevity and Pleasurable blessings.

What better aspects to work with this year. To become more wise and beautiful in heart and mind.

Exactly what I am setting as goals.

The newsletter will begin to look different then in the past. Each month I will give you a recipe for a ritual. It may be a bath or a candle spell, or something else to enhance your magical you.



* Tarot by Jacqueline *

The Prosperity Experiment starts on January 21st with the New Moon and beginning of the Asian Lunar Festival. Read
more about the event here:


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Spiritual Ritual of the Month

Cleansing and Clearing Bath

We are starting the New Year off right! Cleansing ourselves, both body and etheral spirit, is good to lift off old grudges, negativity and bring in positive aspirations and a drive for a fresh start!


2 cups Epsom Salts
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
2 Tablespeoons Bay Leaf (crumbled)
2 Tablespoons Euchalyptus Leaf (crumbled)
Rind of one lemon (ground in blender or finely sliced/chopped)


Cheesecloth or mesh bag with drawstring closure

a.) Start with a shower to shampoo and also clean yourself of all body oils, body and hair products. Rinse well.

b.) Clean out bathtub with a mild product to rid any excess soap scum from bathtub. Rinse well.

c.) Run warm bath adding all the ingredients listed above. All ingredients can be placed in a cheesecloth or mesh bag and tied closed.

d.) Get in and immerse yourself (including head) under the water. Protect the eyes from the floating leafy material. Soak in tub until water cools.

e.) Stand and rinse off all plant material and salts. If in a bag, toss into trash. Dry yourself and dress in comfortable clothing. Add a cup of herbal tea if you like.



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That’s it for now! May everyday be blessed for you.



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