Free Prayer Requests For You & Your Loved Ones To Bring You Love, Prosperity, Peace & Success


New! Spiritual Intercessor Prayer Work For You!


Dear Friends,

At the request of many, I have set up an altar for those of you who need a prayer said for things that trouble you.  When I burn my many candles on my altars for clients, I take time in prayer in the morning and in the evening for them that their problems will work out to the best outcome that can happen for them.

I have clients who are facing operations, need prayer for healing, have a broken heart or the family is fighting with one another.

If you have something on your heart that you need assisted prayer for an outcome or answer, send me your prayer requests and I will print them out and place them on my candle altar of the Goddess Yemaya, who is considered the Mother of the Universe. These petitions of prayer will be set under a lighted candle and once the candle is finished, the prayers will be offered up in flame and with incense such as sage, copal & frankincense each Sunday morning. As the smoke from your prayer requests rise to Heaven, your burdens shall be released from you in the sweet smoke of blessed traditional church incense for God. This will not be an individual candle of your own but one that is burned for all who seek prayer. If you are seeking a candle burned exclusively for you and your personal situation, I suggest going to the page regarding candle burning services.

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Fill in your prayer requests to be placed upon my candle altar and send it to me. I will place them on my altar as I receive them daily.

God Bless You and Yours,


Intercessory Prayer For Your Personal Intentions


In addition to my daily morning and evening prayer for your free prayer requests, I can also concentrate and pray for your personal intentions for an hour, 3 hours or a full day or night for a donation. I will light a jumbo white candle with blessing oil and place your name on a paper under the candle to be burned while I am praying. Once this candle is out, I will create a good luck charm for you to carry on your pocket or purse to protect and bless you as your secret prayer is always with you.

Click on the order button below and once I receive your order, I will be in contact with you for the specific information to be placed under your candle to begin the time I will be concentrating on your situation alone and solely for your purpose.



One Hour of Candlelight Prayer and Good Luck Charm – $50.00



3 Hours of Candlelight Prayer and Good Luck Charm – $100.00



All Day or All Night Candlelight Prayer and Good Luck Charm – $200.00



Candle Donations

It is traditional in many cultures to make an offering of some amount to go towards the cost of the candle for your prayer requests. Your prayer requests are always free but many believe that “good deeds deserve good” and with that spirit in mind, I offer a request of a donation in any amount that your heart moves you to give for the upkeep and replenishing of candles for the many souls that need frequent prayer.



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