Other spiritual work is available upon contact with me for consideration. Before we commence upon doing any work for you, please click here and read this disclaimer page regarding working with me.



NOTE: Not for the faint of heart.

Graveyard work is when you are asking the Spirits of the Dead to ‘handle’ a certain individual or issue for you. This is not harm/killing work, but to utilize the souls in the graveyard to control a person so that they will do your bidding. Graveyard work is also used for matters of career success, personal power, mastery, wisdomlove drawing, romance, marriage, fidelity, reconciliationmoney, business, luckprotection, safe travelcleansing, uncrossing, road openingcourt cases, legal mattersspirituality, blessingsBlessing, Cleansing, Healingcrossing, jinxing, or cursing.

Traditional offerings are food, flowers, tobacco, liquor, incense, candles, coins, and more, including petitions and/or images of the victim that you want controlled/dealt with.

How to Order Graveyard Work:

1.) Order a 30 minute consultation with me to discuss your situation. This consultation is $35.00 and is a mandatory preliminary talk before any work is done. There is no exceptions to this consultation.

Order this consultation by clicking here.

2.) I MAY or MAY NOT choose to do your work and by conducting your consultation is not a guarantee for acceptance of your ‘job’.  If I choose to not accept your ‘job’, I will advise to you another practitioner who doe do that particular type of work so you can accomplish what you seek to do. Remember, not all workers walk on “both sides” – meaning some do only good work, while others do a little of both, and then there are those who do the “debil’s work”. The decision is up to you at that point to contact the worker suggested to you.

3.) If I do accept your ‘job’, I will then discuss with you the additional price for supplies and my efforts to conduct this ritual. This amount will be in addition to the consultation fee, and will need to be paid before any ritual is performed.

4.) You will receive a photograph of a portion of the ritual (headstone) and some of the offerings. This is your proof that ritual was performed.

There is no guarantees of success in regards to your ‘job’ nor will any time frame will be discussed in regards to efficacy.  It is to the Spirits will of acceptance that your wish be granted. All graveyard services are performed with the intent of success and photos are sent to confirm work that was done. I do not control what happens after work has been done, nor take any responsibility for effects of work after it was performed.


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Please click here to read more about offerings to the Orichas/Orishas.