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Candle Burning FAQ’s to Help You with Your Candle Burning Services


The Glass “Novena” Vigil Candles that are traditionally used in candle prayer petition services have burnt from 7 to 9 days in the past. With the recent developments in candle technology, most candles of today burn an approximate 5 days, given no physical changes such a windy conditions or poor wicks used. There is a spiritual belief that if your candle burns faster than the current normal time, then the results will arrive for you in a quick manner, whether it being for the “good” or the “bad”. It is also traditionally held that if a candle burns slower than the normal burn time for said candle, then it is working slowly towards the outcome, and you might see results later rather than sooner.

All candles burned for you by Jacqueline have the appropriate oils added to then after proper candle cleaning and blessing preparations have been done. No glitter or shimmery products are used in the oils as this is not a naturally occurring process and something adopted by modern candle scryers in the 1970’s and on to better see images that may form on the candle glass sides. Old time candle glass scryers look at the smoke patterns and residuals left on the candle glass to see images, if any, for messages to the outcome of the candle prayer petition service.

When you order a candle to be burned for you, you will receive a photo in your e-mail when your candle is lit and one at the end of the burn, along with a brief candle report. Sometimes, certain spiritual and natural occurrences happen during a candle service burn, and if these occurrences happen to your candle, you will be sent additional photos and explanation, along with suggestions of baths, additional candles or other suggestions to thwart negative results and to enhance positive candle burning service results.

A candle is said to be a constant whispered prayer to the Heavens, the Angels and Saints and the Higher Power that watches us all.

Every candle I burn for you is….

* Properly cleansed to remove factory dust and particles that may be floating in the air

* Dressed with appropriate condition oil –  the correct special oil or oils – many which I blend myself as well – for your particular prayer petition for your situation

* Blessed with prayers and intent for your particular intention

* Photographed by me to send to you to assure you that your candle has been lit for you

* Burned uninterrupted on my All Saints Altar to send that constant prayer petition of energy to the Heavens

* Photographed again after the candle burn service so you can actually see what I am writing about in my report.

* Read by myself and a report is created for you as only I can do for you. Never outsourced to another because there are no assistants with me – there is just, well, me! Report is sent within 14 days of candle being lit. (May differ depending on my travels to aid clients).


NOTE: I do all that I can to burn your candle when you want it burned, however, depending on the amount of candle orders, your candle may be burned a day or two later than you expected. Your order may also be affected by certain holidays and private events that I may have been participating in. Once your candle is lit,I send a photo of your candle, and at the first possible moment when it has finished. You may have to hear from me a day or two later than you thought, simply because I may be with a heavy client booking schedule or may be tending to personal matters. Rest assured, your candle order is safe with me, as I have been offering candle burn spells for others like you for over 19 years.

So, Let’s review……

1.) If candle is to have a photo, send photo immediately so I can attach the photo to the candle or else your candle is waiting to be lit. I cannot prompt you to send photo. Due to the quantity of candles being lit each month, wait a short amount of time, then light candle without photo.

2.) When candle is it (usually 1-4 days after order is received), you will get a notification that the candle has been lit (with a photo showing the candle is lit).

3.) Your brief candle report via e-mail (with beginning and end candle photos) will be sent to you via e-mail within 14 days (because of possible travel I do for clients).

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