What makes a good, reputable and moral psychic, root worker, spiritual worker or tarot card reader?

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I am writing this as I have been encountering on an increasing basis clients who have been “scammed” by unethical or “gypsy” scam artists on the Internet. Mind you, there are MANY reputable readers, spiritual consultants and workers out there, but it seems that they are getting harder and harder to find. I am speaking with new clients on a weekly basis, giving me their horror stories of being over charged or just downright ripped off from people who will not return phone calls within a few days, answer e-mails nor give final reports on things like candle burnings, charms or the such. Here are some of the ways that you can recognize a good psychic, root worker, tarot card reader or spiritual consultant.


1)  A good spiritual consultant charges a fair amount for their services.

Understand that this reader has to charge a fair market value that they deem worthy of their services. Some charge for certain things, others do not. It is up to you to ask questions of their services and their fees. A fact of life is that we all have bills and such, so therefore a reader has to charge something. It truly is unethical for your character for you to Internet “surf” and ask for “free” readings. If you do, you are asking to become a victim of certain reader “scams”.


2)  A good reader should give you options that you can consider BEFORE purchase.

A reputable spiritual worker or psychic will give you options that fit in your budget AND ethics. Some clients want revenge, and that should be their choice and not something forced upon them. Some clients need to work solely on their own spiritual path without burning candles or doing something towards an “enemy”. A good psychic should tell you that you can either do this or that, and what the prices are for the services to be performed. A ethical worker SHOULD give you TIME to think about them without their influence, and the same offer should be available when you decide to call them or revisit them in the future. THERE SHOULD BE NO FLUCTUATIONS OR INCREASE IN THE PRICES QUOTED. If a worker, gives you an elevated price because you took a day or two to think things over, I would STRONGLY advise to NOT use that worker. The ONLY exception should be if the situation had changed within that same time period.


3)  A good psychic or tarot reader will not “strings you along” or keeps you “hanging”.

I will be the first to admit that it takes me sometimes a day to return calls as I get busy and there are only so many hours in a day that I can do spiritual work (I do have to take care of my family as well!). I can, however, send an e-mail or call and leave a message with a time is more conducive to the both of us where our busy lives do not interfere. I also can determine if I can actually PERFORM the spiritual work; and if not, I can refer you to someone that I KNOW personally and can assist you in your problem. If your current spiritual works does not do this for you, maybe it is time to change workers.


4)  Beware of “Gypsy” scam artists – PERIOD!

These are people who run the “usual” psychic shops with the $10.00 reading signs out in front. Most have the neon palm sign, and these shops look like they belong on the Las Vega strip. I know you have seen these shops. These people sit and wait in a little retail shop of oils, candles and such and tell you that they ‘knew right away that you have negative energy surrounding you’. Yeah, right! Then, the next step in convincing you is that perhaps a piece of jewelry you are wearing is ‘cursed’ or ‘jinxed’ by the giver. They can ‘remove’ that curse if you hand over the watch or necklace. They will then ‘get rid’ of the curse for you by ‘burying it on the mountain’ or some other cockamamie story like that. Well my dear, that watch or necklace just went to the pawn shop!

They will also say things like: “You are a good person but someone has a curse on you” or, “You always help others but never seem to have any Good Luck” or “You are searching for love but there is something that has been done to you to keep you from finding love”.

The “gypsy” scam artist will also sell you a ‘blessed candle’ for an incredibly expensive price. I know of a shop near my town that the girl told me (I went in undercover) that her oils ‘were specialty made’ (with an Indio Products label –a manufacturer in Los Angeles) and her 14 day candles were $100.00 (uh no – I can get those for $15.00) I told her that I knew where Indio Products were made (in Los Angeles), of which she vehemently denied. I even told her that I knew the business owners’ name, and it wasn’t hers. I then left, as I figured she was going to get her goon of a male figure from the back to chase me off.

Also, the “gypsy” scam artist will give a “100% Guarantee” – How can you ‘guarantee’ the actions of a third person (like a lost lover)?


5)  A good psychic or tarot card reader is correct or good most of the time.

Every reader, root worker or psychic has an “off” day – if a female, she might be experiencing body functions that are not conducive to a good time to be doing readings. Sometimes they are overwhelmed by clients or even the information that they are receiving from your reading. Believe it or not, doing readings consume an INCREDIBLE amount of energy, and despite the client or not, when a psychic is physically “wiped out”, no amount of money will get them to read for you. I do not do any spiritual work during a few days every month, as I need this time to “recharge” myself and I explain this to clients when booking a reading time. If the reader gives you some information that might not resonate with you, it might not be relevant right now or inconsequential at the time.


6)  A good spiritual worker, root worker, tarot reader or psychic will want to help you.

The bottom line is that the worker is to bring about positive and uplifting messages and insight for you. You are their client and they should be working for the betterment of your interests.


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