For Your Personal Use and Specific Situation
* Love * Success * Court Cases * Casino * Money *

Custom Made Mojo Bags



Custom Made Mojo Bags
for  Luck * Love * Money * Success * Gambling

*includes a 30 minute Tarot Card Reading to asses the situation, plus postage & handling

When you order your Custom Made Mojo Bag for your Personal Situation, we will first begin with a 30 minute Consultation for best results to be sure that we are focusing on the proper concepts when making your Mojo Bag. The consultation with me then will direct me to use the proper Herbs, Roots and Minerals to create a Mojo Bag to bring you what you Desire.**



** At the time of order, you will be asked exactly what you desire and will receive completely personal instructions included in your shipping to make this Mojo bag exclusively and personally yours. Each and every Mojo bag is different because each and every person has some similar but also unique circumstances.



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