Time to get your “money house” (aka financial affairs) in order with 30 days of prayerful prayers in light

The first of two Prosperity Experiment Candle Services will begin on January 12, 2021. This month long candle vigil is designed to draw in and attract prosperity and abundance to you for the various areas of life that are in need of financial assistance.

This ritual designed to focus on you and your financial needs and goals in order to attract in prosperity and abundance, has been in existence since

What is the Prosperity Experiment Candle Service?

This is a 30 day candle vigil designed for you to achieve abundance and prosperity through a candlelight prayer service. What we do together is focus on your financial goals and needs, design a perfect petition to ask the Heavens to aid and assist you in overcoming those financial needs, and have a candle lit on those petitions as a constant stream of prayer in light. In addition, you receive an e-mail with information and a Daily Meditation for you to contemplate while you go about your day.

Each week, you will receive a candle photo with your candles side-by-side as they progress through the month, so that you can attend to any unforeseen occurrences of negativity that sometimes occur with you are working towards a positive goal.

At the end of the month, all 4 candles will be photographed and a brief report will be sent to you for your decision if you would wish to continue your service while attaining your goal.



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