The last Mercury Retrograde of 2019 will start on October 31st, and the current trend is that each time a Retrograde occurs, the media is flooded with ways to minimize and things to watch out for during a Mercury Retrograde. Here is a list of some things you might was to consider doing during this time, which will last until November 20, 2019.

1. ) Back up your Computer – Investing in an external hard drive will keep you from pulling out your hair when you cannot find a certain article, paper, or contract you need to finish your negotiations or term paper. I had a computer completely take a dump during a Mercury Retrograde, only to have the Techie perform services I did not want (but had to pay for) and then buy a new computer. Had I followed the advice I gave a couple of sentences back, I would have saved a couple of hundred of dollars.

 2. ) Double/Triple Check your E-mails and Texts – Jokes and puns can be misconstrued during this time so please, please, PLEASE read, re-read, and decipher the meaning of e-mails and texts carefully during a Mercury Retrograde in order to keep friends and family close, and your reputation at work sterling.

 3. ) Refrain from Signing any Contracts – Please try to refrain from signing or agreeing for any mortgages, repair work on any major level decisions such as cars, construction, furnace/heating, etc. as these should not be addressed during this time. Also, surgeries and non-emergency dental and cosmetic work as well, as instructions could be misunderstood.

 4. ) Do not Break Up with your Loved One – Because Mercury is the planet of Communications, things could be seriously misconstrued if talking about the future with your lover or life partner. Do not press the issue of marriage, children, or any other major commitment until Mercury goes Direct again.

 5. ) Embrace the Slow Down in Time – Read books that you purchased to read but never had the time. Turn off televisions and other electronics and embrace the quiet. Sip tea, light incense, cuddle under warm throws and soft pillows and nurture yourself while you journal plans and aspirations for the upcoming year.

6. ) Clean Out Your Closets – This low-thinking task is perfect for the Season’s changes that are happening now, and you can figure out what to keep and what to donate so that your closets and bureau can be in order. Store your Summer frocks in the space age bags that you can remove all the air for better storage (make sure to add a couple of Bay leaves to keep insects away) and stack in the back of the closet for next year. Take any thick Winter coats to the dry cleaners NOW so you are ready for any inclement weather.

7. ) Re-Connect with Friends You Have Not Seen in Awhile – Call up friends from a past job or school and touch base at this time. Utilize the downtime on your life to have appetizers or a coffee with old acquaintances to see how they are. It will do both of you some good to be the listening party for each other.

8. ) Finish Small Projects – Art and jewelry projects, small painting tasks, sorting and categorizing, filing papers, and other mundane tasks are perfect to finish during this time. Organizing closets and boxing up donations is great, especially now that Summer is over and you can donate all those items you no longer need before pulling out Winter coats.

 9. ) Be Gentle with Yourself and Others – The frustration of seemingly moving in slow-motion can drive anyone a bit batty (especially for three weeks), but there is truly a reason for the celestial molasses you are swimming in during a Mercury Retrograde. Moving too fast can make the landscape of Life a little blurry in our sight, and these three weeks gives us time to REFLECT to RE-EVALUATE our forward motion towards our Goals.

10. ) Work on Your “Shadow Self” – Your shadow self is a term used to describe the parts of your psyche or personality that you don’t want to admit as having. This usually manifests unconsciously, but many times others can see it before you can admit that you have those less-than-desirable qualities. Some of these shadow qualities may be self-loathing, being too hard on yourself, an over-active drive to be better than another (competition), laziness, rage, or sadness. Despite it sounding like a negative, it will seem like what you yourself perceive as weak or somewhat dark about yourself, and then therefore this altered personality needs to be hidden and denied. A negative situation is not particularity so. Take this time to explore that rage and frustration, and put a positive spin on it. This depends on your own personal perspective on life, and your level of self esteem you retain. During a Mercury Retrograde, spend time writing down times that this “other You’ came out and how you can forgive yourself for your behavior and actions. Chamomile tea and cozy, comfortable lounge wear help to soothe you as you practice self care.


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