* WARNING – This post may trigger various different feelings and is in no way directed to any one person(s) or group of people. It’s intention is a wake up notification. – J.

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“Get over it
Get over it
All this whinin’ and cryin’ and pitchin’ a fit
Get over it, get over it” – get Over It” – the Eagles


I came across a meme this morning. I cannot repeat it verbatim, but it was something like “Someone did you dirty. They meant to do it and they did it. Now get over it and stop giving your energy as to why they did what they did it.” – or something similar to that. On my IG, I scrolled through it and then paused, and the continued scrolling, but the message stayed with me. Not that someone did me dirty but because I have had a few clients recently that have had someone do them dirty, and the messages in their tarot reading that came through were quite similar.

So, like most posts that I write here, a period of time lapses between the initial title or first paragraph, and this one was not any different. I start to write, a call comes in for a reading, an hour or two passes – maybe with lunch or a trip to the post office or store in between – and then I return to my computer and see this open post on my screen. The irony here is that while I was out running errands, an old but-not-one-of-the-greatest-hits-songs by the Eagles rock band came on the radio station I listen to in the car. I am a 60’s-80’s rock enthusiast, but keep current with certain Top 40 artists, just to “be cool like that.” So, as I was cruising down the boulevard listening to this tune, I could not even begin to wonder how relevant some of the lyrics are now.





Without analyzing each verse, which you can read them here:


There is some tough truths in the song, and it might aid and assist those who are holding out for an extended time in the land of Victimhood, waiting for the Miracle to Come. The “miracle” being that Justice will be Thine. 

Understand this: We have all been there – Done Dirty. By a Man. By a Woman. By a Family Member. By a Predator. By someone who was Jealous of Us. By someone who was Threatened by Us.  I am not here to question. downplay, or belittle your experience. I understand your Pain. Disappointment. Fear. Anger. Compromised Life. But again the statement I make is that We. Have. All. Been. There. I am not here to diminish your pain of the event that happened to you; what I am here to do is acknowledge it, give you time to grieve, and then to help you see you way through it and onto Life. What you do with the Aftermath – a noun that is used to describe a consequence, especially of a disaster or misfortune. or a period of time following a disastrous event. Understand, there is a period of time to grieve and vent your emotions of loss and anger over the situation. You might go off on a tangent or take a baseball bat to a tree to vent your frustrations and negative energy over the event, but then once that is all out, it is time to pick up the pieces of your life and carry on.

How many times does the pieces need to be picked up? Ooh lawdy chile’ – until your final day on Earth. From the time we interact with another Human, we are potentially subject to situations that will sometimes cause us to be taken advantage of – done dirty. The lesson here is to then not go and do someone else or the perpetrator DIRTY. Mmm-mmm. Not your job. That comes with the most highest Just Judge takes the case for you – and Justice will be Done. Just not on YOUR time but God’s time, which may be hard for some to understand.

I am not here to diminish what you have been through but I come in the spirit of Healing. There are ways that could aid and assist you in releasing this pain and disappointment and I have list some of them below.


1.) GRIEVE – You absolutely have all the right in the World to cry, scream, vent, and express your emotions regarding to the events that happened. Whether you seek a professional or just a group of loving and caring friends/family, release is necessary for healing. Release can manifest in many forms and maybe even multiple forms in order to work on the layers of the Psyche.


2.) CLEANSE – This is where you “detox” yourself – physically, spiritually, and mentally. Nature has equipped us with the methodology of expulsion – just like someone who is pregnant experiencing nausea and stomach queasiness. This occurs when the hormone level in the body rises too high, triggering the body to respond as if the hormones are ‘toxic’ and triggering the mechanism of expelling them from the body through vomiting.  Using Epsom Salts in warm bathwater is one way to detox. Using a mixture with some eucalyptus and/or lavender is a plus, as these plants help release and calm.


3.) REBUILD – This is rebuilding on you and for you. If that relationship is meant to Be, then it must be on a different platform or you will be repeating the same things again. Power yourself up with candle petitions to the Heavens and Saints, asking your Guardian Angel to be in front of you as you go, and have your back at the same time. Make your offering for Peace. Do your Act of Charity in order to Bless and Be Blessed. Like a sword that is being manufactured, you being put “through the fire” means your molecules that make you YOU are being fused to make you stronger to thwart off the next time.



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