I am excited and proud to announce that my latest book, “30 Days to Prosperity – A Candle Vigil Guide” is available in print! This is a labor of love, driven by the experience from the last 5 years of conducting the Prosperity Experiment, a twice yearly candle ritual that I perform for a select group of participants. Each year, the participants and I have gained knowledge about how to bring more prosperity and abundance into our lives and I want to share this with you.

This book gives you a day-by-day walk through a 30 day money drawing candle ritual with diagrams, daily meditations, stories and ritual instructions on how to manifest more abundance in your life. This book can be used over and over again by individuals and whole families who are seeking Divine assistance in bringing in abundance and prosperity to their lives.

Here is what you will find in “30 Days to Prosperity – A Candle Vigil Guide” :

* You will find information on how to change your view on money

* Diagrams on how to set up an altar on which to do your money drawing ritual

* A daily meditative thought for you to think upon each day utilizing the hidden power of your mind to attract more prosperity

and much more!


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