The majority of the year 2021 had been a curious one. Not only was I suspended in a phase of ambiguous activity, but the time I had been spending in the cocoon of my office had made my senses sharpen and my reading ability to become more acute. This heightened awareness has come with a price, however. More than before, my Guides and the Spirits that are with me are telling me “NO!” or “Stop!” more than ever before. It could be that the absence of connection with other place and humans was allowing me to drop the cloak of self-preservation and to expose things to me that I have never seen or heard before.

For the past few years, I have been doing the majority of my readings over the phone, with the occasional in person reading when I travel to areas where clients reside close by and we are able to connect. For those who are new readers to my blog, I relocated from the West Coast to the East Coast, and despite the occasional month that I return to sunny California, getting readings in person on the East Coast will not be feasible. But this blog post is not about person-to-person readings. Read further.

There seems to be a couple of ‘trends’ that have transpired in the past two years – one being the emergence of people claiming or rather, ‘reclaiming’ their rightful recognition of ancestral practices that their blood lineage abandoned a few generations ago, and their rally cry is LOUD.  It seems that the current pulse of this group is that if you are NOT from that lineage, then why are you practicing? When I began my journey with Lukumi, my Godmother, who was of Puerto Rican ancestry, would field questions in Spanish like, “But she’s WHITE!?!” I feigned knowing what was being said about me (I knew a little Spanish), and the answer she would give was explaining that the Oricha/Orisha would choose their devotee, despite color or gender. Some would now call it cultural appropriation – I call it cultural appreciation. I appreciate that the Gods and Goddesses called me, and have been with me for over 25 years. I am content with my status and stance with this subject and I do not feel the need to explain myself nor speak in defense of what I do to anyone. Like Popeye, I yam what I am.

Another disturbing trend that has evolved the almost insistence of callers to reveal the source of my studies and to share my secrets. It is as if since they paid for a reading or consultation, that I must reveal all of my information that I have learned over the years without their further purchase of my services. Rootworkers, spiritual consultants, and others in this realm have traveled to meet teachers, attended training, read countless books, spent time in conversation with other talented souls, and countess amounts of funds to stock and carry products in order to help those needing items to assist and aid in their successes. In no way am I required to “give up the goods” about why someone should steep tobacco in whiskey to dress certain candles. That is for you to seek this knowledge. Unfortunately, most callers are thinking rootwork is like a fast food drive thru – have it your way and in 60 seconds. This is because the caller or the one seeking assistance wants a “fast fix” to a problem that has been evident for some time – and cannot understand that it takes time to unravel the evil done.

Once the public learns how to tame their Ego in matters of their validation of goods and services purchased and the expectations that they should have the ‘right’ to dictate how much tutoring can be given at a reading or candle service, then clear expectations can be discussed between client and service provider. If you want to learn, take that time with your spiritual counselor and really learn – first to help yourself, then to help the World. Until then, do not criticize your reader because they will not cross certain cultural “norms” or insult another in their line of work only to appease you. That reveals who you really are and how any future connections with workers will produce. Play nice or leave, like the plaque says.

Mick sang, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.” This may just be the wisdom quote of the day.



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