At times it can be hard to imagine that a voice on the other end of the phone, or in some cases, that curiously exotic being you visit when you need someone to talk to that doesn’t know everything about you (sure we do) can actually be the best cheerleader in your corner when facing difficult decisions or making life altering changes that will affect you for a long time. Being a spiritual counselor and rootworker, I walk a fine line between the botanical and the fantastical, the edge of the knife of what is and what could be. I do this for my clients as a way for them to see both side now, and for the future, the possible outcomes of motives and manifestations.

Many times I say in a reading, “I’m going to play Devil’s advocate here…” when a card or a series of cards speak about one subject, sometimes being a subject that repeats itself over and again. How do I know? Most of my clients take notes in a journal or notepad, where they can look back at their last reading and give me tidbits of surprises or sure things that happened since we last talked. Many times it is best to see both sides of the coin that it about to land in your palm, whether in the next few days or in the future. This is because with each moment we breathe and exist, we experience change and because of that change, there evolves choices.

One of the most challenging situations occurs with a reader or spiritual work is when the client withholds pertinent information that is crucial to the clients reading or outcome they are facing. Please do not get me wrong – your reader with whom you have made a relationship with you is your spiritual RIDE OR DIE if they work with ethics and without greed. Let me be clear here – there is no way a good worker can produce effective petitions for prayer candle vigils or blend certain anointing oils, baths, or mojo hands if you are not coming clean with them. The withholding of information is the difference whether we put one herb or root over another in your charm bag or sachet. That choice of botanical could make or break the efficaciousness of the product. This then spirals down to a disappointment to the client and a forehead slap for the worker. A good worker knows her botanicals, minerals, zoologicals and such, and the omission of key pieces of relevant information can lead the client down a rabbit hole of misinformation that is hard for them the unravel. An omission of something like intimate relations, pregnancies, alcohol or recreational substance use, or physical maladies can made a difference in your reading and your spiritual product choice.



Speaking of rabbit holes of misinformation, many people glean their spiritual work and herbal information off the Internet or a key few authors that are highly regarded for their compositions. I have had many call to ask how to use a certain herb, root, or item, only to find that they asked many workers and then tossed all the information into a soup that only the most prevalent floated to the top and was skimmed out to use. Depending on the ways of each worker, honey or salt or any other item could mean the difference in cleansing or chasing away.

So when you are speaking with a reader that is telling you her reading is saying this and you are denying it or saying that it is wrong, reflect within yourself and make sure you are being brutally honest with your reader or spiritual worker. We work to not be judgmental, and even if probing questions seem uncomfortable, a good spiritual worker asks them in order to create the best outcome for you in their custom blending recipes or product suggestions as well as their clarity in interpreting the cards or other divination system that is speaking in front of them on the table. Your reader wants to you succeed and be happy, healthy, and prosperous, so consider opening up to them in full disclosure honesty during your consultation. You may find the ride or die you were searching for in them.


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