Damn these funky psychic readers!

I got an e-mail recently from someone that got a reading from someone that told them that basically they should give up on love, in a nutshell. It was not going to happen. No way, no how.

What kind of B-U-L-L-$*%()^%_#@ reader tells someone something like this? This is like giving a death sentence to someone.



OK, now I am better. Let me explain my outrage.

I got a rather depressing e-mail from someone that described the information above to me and was asking how this can or if it can be rectified, changed, or stopped. First, I told them that if this to be true, go back to the reader and ask what measure of candle/spell/magical work can be done and what is the rate of success. This is like you going to the Doctor, telling them you have a sore throat and the Doc looks at you and then says, “Yep.” – but then that is all he does. No medicine, no suggestions, no prescription.

I receive many requests to interpret/divine/second guess other reader’s predictions and it is simply impossible to do. Why? Each reader has a belief system or set of tenets that they have learned or go by. It is their “Rules”, so to speak. Now, what is wrong here is that the person paid for the reading, but was not give a remedy or prescription to rectify it. that information may be withheld by that reader because that will be the “hook’; the little bit of hope that you will come back and pay them to do the spiritual or magical work.

The reason why this is wrong is that these readers are sending away people who need to be informed and if, IF a person is in the spiritual business, it should be their Code of Ethics that they give some insight to the client on how they can used the products that allegedly are reputed to bring about change or the thing they desire. That is like going to the Doctor and he looks down your throat and tells you to drink hot tea and take some cough medicine and in a few days things will be better. You get the whole diagnosis AND remedy.

Sending someone out from a reading and giving them no hope in attracting love might make them do something they regret later and we all know who would be to blame – the reader. Now, I have had clients that wanted candles burned for them, but with subsequent readings over a long time, the cards said that the recipient of their love did not appreciate it and did not play “fair” (in this case, the guy was so into his instant musical fame with fans that he wanted to bed all the groupies he could get). I had to gently tell this woman that she may continue to burn candles, but until the fella stopped acting like a wh**e (rhymes with door), she was not going to get anywhere with a love relationship with him. In this day and age with all the possibilities for catching something, she might want to look elsewhere for a safe, long-lasting relationship.

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