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The newsletter for February did not come out earlier as I was rushing to get computer changes done before Mercury Retrograde on February 17th. Yes, again we are going to be having three weeks of communication issues as Mercury does the backstroke through first Aquarius and then Pisces. Read more about the effects of this Mercury Retrograde here:

Free Candle Spells | First Mercury Retrograde Feb.17 – Mar. 10, 2020 – If It Quacks Like a Duck!

* * * Tarot by Jacqueline News * * *

Changes are going on here for your benefit and with amazing results! I have come to find that being an effective tarot reader for you is listening to you and one of the things that you want is quick and easy questions answered. So I have devised a way to help you!

There are now two ways to get a reading from me – the first one is to book in through the calendar as you have been doing.

The second way is to use the 1-877-MSJACKI call line and get your questions answered for $1.99/minute.

I have installed on my site a call button that hooks up to 1-877-MSJACKI and will tell you if I am available and you can click to call in for just a couple of questions that you are wanting to know.

You can ask questions like:

* Is my candle spell being effective?

* Do they know I am doing magic work on them?

* Will the outcome manifest like I want?

* Will the fight we had break up up?

* Am I being considered for a raise? A promotion?

* * * SPECIAL * * *

All this week, I am on the 1-877-MSJACKI line 24/7 so you can try it out!

After this week, I will have set hours for you to get ahold of me through the line, and the traditional one hour reading schedule will return to the calendar.

 * * * * * * *

The Success, Success, SUCCESS! Candle Burning Vigil Service will begin March 1, 2020. Read more about it here:

Success, Success, SUCCESS! Candle Burning Service – March 1, 2020



* * * Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Supply * * *

We are working on computer and website changes to streamline the ordering process and the ability to ass those monthly coupons so you can take advantage of discounts! Remember, there are monthly coupons listed on the site each month on the Home Page at wwwlucky13clover.com


 * * * Free-Candle-Spells News * * *

Free Candle Spells was started in 2008 and include writings I have done on the behalf of candle spell work on freecandlespells.com New articles appear every month. You can never get enough of reading and studying candle spell techniques on Free Candle Spells.

That is it for now. More soon!

Good Luck and God Bless You and yours in 2020,



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