There is no “Guarantees” in Magick, Readings or Spellwork.

There is no “Guarantees” in Magick, Readings or Spellwork.

There is no “Guarantees” in Magick, Readings or Spellwork.


There, I have said it to the Power of Three.

I say this over and over, but I still get people asking me if it works.

I answer “Yes”.

Magick DOES WORK, but there are no “guarantees”. Am I confusing people when I say this?

I have done a thousand candle spells and I would say that 85 – 90% work – if given the time to do so.

The problem is that we live in an instantaneous world – we can contact someone with a touch of a button, get fed in less than a couple of minutes, see anything we want that is going on anywhere in the world. How much more faster can we possibly move, act, think, react?

More importantly, why do we have to have it all NOW?

If lit and left burning, a candle lasts for 5-7 days, given the manufacturer and the mixture of paraffin to other petroleum products in a 7 inch, glass “Novena” type vigil candle. That is anywhere from 120 to 168 hours of energy (heat) placed on a prayer (petition); however the effects can and do last longer and effects of the candle burn last longer than the flame.

Here is an example. Sister Sue kicked Johnny out three months ago because he was actin’ like a dawg. She figures there are better fish in the sea. There is, but not in the “pond” she’s fishin’ in. Same ole’, same ole’. She calls me and asks for a candle to be burned to bring Johnny back, because his doggin’ game is not so hard and fast as the other men she has recently met. So, I begin the candle burning ritual. I send her the photo of the candle at the beginning of the spell work and within a few hours later, multiple e-mails and calls come in regarding the effectiveness of the candle spell. Sue sounds anxious and I ask her what specifically is bothering her so much so that she cannot go about her daily business without contacting me. She tells me that what she did not indicate is that she wanted Johnny back NOW, because she can’t sleep at night in a bed all alone.

Hmmm. Sounds like disaster to me.

First, Sue let Johnny ‘out there’ too long and he may be involved with another woman (read: break up candle spell work). If this is not the case, then Sue needs to determine how many weeks has Johnny been gone and burn two love candles for each week he has been gone. Three months you say? Well, that’s 24 candles right off the bat, but the good thing is that all 24 can be burned at the same time, to speed things up. That will get you to ground zero on the timeline but that is also going to cost you $200.00. Then, from that vantage point, you start Reconciliation candles to move you forward and back together. Love isn’t cheap and love candle spells aren’t either.

There is the second roadblock. Money.

When you start to consider certain magic spells using particular products, there is going to be a cost. I don’t steal candles from the candle manufacturer and I don’t suggest you do so either. If Sue truly wants Johnny back, she will change her spending habits and find the money. If you work with your spiritualist, reader or root worker, then they should be able to make payment until you get it all paid for.

The best solution is for Sister Sue to evaluate what she wants in a partner and also examine herself to see what ‘goodness’ she has to offer a man. The breakup was a two-way situation and Sue may not see that she also has some changing to do. Sue should consider doing a Cut and Clear 9 Walnut Bath Ritual that will get her at “ground zero” in her emotions and clarity in order to honestly decide the future of her love relationships. Lastly, deferring to the Higher Power and what the Angels, the Saints and God has for you and when that special person is to come into your life is strongly suggested. This way, you allow the Universe to send you what you want, not necessarily what you believe you need.

When you allow the Universe and the Higher Powers work for you, the thing that you need will come to you – but it may not be what you want. Here is the difference. Sue may have a “love jones” for Johnny, but he is like giving sugar to a diabetic – sweet and satisfying at first, but leaves you out cold on the floor in an insulin coma when it goes bad. You can’t give ‘it’ up, but you know that ‘it’ isn’t good for you. But you keep craving it, knowing that one day there will be problems again.

Stop. Breathe. Listen.

If you cannot make choices with a clear head, don’t make any. Delay and Pray. Ask your Guardian Angel, favorite Saint or any other Spiritual Being to guide, aid and assist you in this decision. Move slowly and with Faith that only the Best will be placed in your path – including potential candidates for a long lasting, loving relationship.

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