The reading on the telephone was going well; the caller was asking questions and receiving the answers they hope would be revealed in the Obi divination. Then, they ask a question about divine purpose in regards to a relationship. The answer was Okana Sode. No.

The other end of the line was quiet. ‘Hello? Hello, are you there?’. Then that differentiation of quiet that cell phones emit when the call is not connected.

They hung up on me. Wow.

Now, if this was a family member or a close friend, I’d be dialing right back to ask them what had gotten in their mind to hang up on me. This was not the case, as I was working an 800 call line. I did not have the phone number of the caller. I could not ask them what had happened to them at that moment.

There are five answers in Obi divination: Alafia (yes), Eyejife (also a Yes), Itagua (undefined or a “maybe”), Okana Sode, (no), and Oyekun (NO with emphasis).

Okana Sode, according to the website,, states that Okana Sode generally means these things (amongst other things):

Listen so you do not fail
Person of disbelief
Person is scared and not trusting
Excessive spender and like to argue
Does like to confront things face to face
Sometimes believes and sometimes not
They are doing bad things and are about to be discovered
Bad situation of money
No friends
There is nobody giving a helping hand
Justice is in the door of the house
Do not conceal things for another
Do not spend time in the night in the streets
Should not use or carry firearms
Do not tell all your secrets to the world
They want to know all about you
All your plans are like water and salt (bitter)
There is not tranquility
There are times you wish for death
Stop cursing, this only holds you back
Do not take anyone into your home
Do not boast
Try not to argue
Never loan your personal things
You are forbidden from vices such as drugs, drinking,
Do not travel at this time
Be careful with your job as you may lose it
You may have a family member that is sick
Run to the doctor
Never abuse dogs
Be careful of animal bites
Listen to the spirits
Riches may come your way

The Huffington Post article, “The Great Phone Hang Up”, states that if someone quietly hangs up on you, especially with the technology of a cell phone, the disconnect is completely done in silence, without the other person on the line not getting any explanation. At least with the old rotary or Princess push button style of telephones that we grew up on, you could hear plastic-on-plastic clacking together before the dial tone coming through the earpiece. No so today. Today’s cell phones allow rudeness to be stealthy.

Whichever the generation of “phone slammers”, all of these people have one thing in common: no respect for the person on the other line. What the “hanger-uppers” fail to see is that they also exhibit more discontent about themselves then the person they hung up on. They had a flash of anger that they could not overcome or control, and they only way to get out that uncomfortable position is to demonstrate a power grab by hanging up on that person, regardless of the subject matter.

It also demonstrates certain issues of control that they are struggling with. The non-acceptance of information shows that if they do not like what they are hearing, it is ok to eliminate you. What is more puzzling is that THEY were the one that called you for information, and it is them that cannot accept the answer.

So what to do? Well, if this caller never calls me again, they will surf the 800-psychic lines until they find someone that feeds them the answers they want to hear, or they will call me back again and then have to accept the information given to them. Or maybe not. Obi does not lie. It’s their dime.


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