Why is it that some people, when dealing with their love life, wait until the last minute to remedy it?

The best analogy to imagine is like a homeowner waiting until the foreclosure notice is on the door and the sheriff is waiting outside to escort them and their belongings off the property instead of dealing with it when the first mortgage payment is late.

Case in point. I received a call one day from woman who has a two year old child with a man and has been estranged from him for just about that long. She has come to the conclusion that after an absence of two years, she now wants to have him back in her life. In the days after this revelation, I have had three e-mails from her, asking questions by providing me with snippets of information. I have explained to her that she needs to have many questions answered that I will pose to her when I do my readings in order to get good advice of Obi divination when I throw the cowrie shells for answers. Otherwise, what I send to her in an e-mail is NOT divination, just speculation and my personal comments.

There is the possibility of the man using an undergarment or a hair from her head or other personal concerns and using magickal spells to keep her from seeking freedom from him and going to another man. He could have had someone ‘do a job’ for him, then decide he didn’t want to woman after all. This is a form of binding someone as they then cannot ever leave. In some cases, the root worker may not be knowledgable in her roots and the spell might bind the woman to the man long after he does not want a relationship with her any longer. The victim is now under a power that she (or he) cannot ever have a successful relationship ever. There is also the many cases of generational curse on the family. Sometimes individuals are cursed to have bad lick in many areas of their lives simple because great-grandfather was cursed by the woman he did not marry. The curse would have to have some words in it resembling “you and your offspring will never…” It happens more than you think.

It has been said that women in Mexico give their husbands who want to cross into the United States to seek work a prayer card of Santa Muerte or Santisima Muerte, a female skeleton figure clothes in a mantle similar to the Virgen of Guadalupe. The legend says that the women tell the men that “La Santisima” will keep them safe from robbers and thieves until they return home, but the women know it is a form of an amarre (am-ARE-rey) or love spell, to keep them from wanting to have intercourse with another woman.

An underlying cause of delay of decision to take action is that the person may not really know what they want, but once faced with a deadline of some sort (like the situation above), then will jump right from the frying pan into the fire, so to speak. It is much better (and a little scarier) for them to step back and take a look at the situation. Do you see drastic changes in that person that will be lasting enough for you to re-connect with them? Have you changed and your goals in life? This could also be the case. Are the both of you looking into the same glass or down the same road? If any of these sound like it could be the case, then wait to go back into a relationship with that person.

Now, another factor for people wanting to re-enter a relationship that was not satisfying to them is this: FEAR. They are afraid to be alone, to be judged as “not worthy” or “alone”, to be considered unable to hold a girl or man, unable to maintain a relationship when they form one, judged unable to be pretty or handsome enough, sexy enough, make enough money, have enough ‘stuff’, etc. These people have allowed the general population, friends, family and others to be a “judge and jury” or form some “judgement” on them.  They then develop some sort of a psychosis about it and hang on to whatever thread of an imagined relationship so that they feel “worthy” and then not the subject of people’s wagging tongues.

We all want to be considered “worthy”. We all want to be validated and appreciated for being in existence. We all want to be loved. It is a human nature thing. But, if the relationship that you are hanging onto is not working and there seems to not be cooperation in making it better or if you are trying-to-beat-a-dead-horse-in-the-middle-of-the-road-and-try-to-ride-it-again, you might be asking for too much pain for what it is worth.

When truly finished with a love relationship, try a 9 Black Walnut Bath to cut and clear them out of your lives. Cut and Clear Candle rituals are effective in removing past karmic/psychic “junk and funk” from a relationship that is DONE. You can find the 9 Black Walnut Bath and Cut and Clear products at Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Supply


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