Happy New Year 2020 and Happy New Decade of the 2020’s!

I’m sure you might have never thought that we would get this far but WOW! What a decade that just passed!

Now, I’m not going to wax prolific over the past decade, but shift my focus on what is coming up. These are so many bright ideas to capture and work on with this energy that we have no time to waste.

Here are my suggestions on how to do this year right:

1.) Get a reading – Whether it is with me or with another talented reader, get some idea where you are going this year and focus on the positives while downplaying or banishing the negatives. This means getting anyone who is tearing you down out of your life, and the ones you can’t “toss”, then dip them in Epsom Salts and clean them up of any negativity they might be bringing around.

2.) Gut the House – When I mean gut, I mean anything that is broken and not fixed by now, any clothing that don’t fit and you are waiting for that style to come around again, any shoes with broken tips on the heels or scuffed and torn, and ratty workout wear and undies. Get rid of all magazines that are piling up (tear out the recipes you want first) and old mail and advertisement. Broken toys from the kids, ratty makeup brushes, and frayed towel (they make great cleaning towels if you cut them up).

3.) D-E-E-P Clean – Everything! Corners of the bathtub, cornets of the closets, under the bed, kitchen cabinets. Toss out mismatched Rubbermaid containers, yogurt containers, water bottles not suitable for you anymore. Expired food in cans and bottles – out. Old salad dressings in the fridge – OUT! Clean and clean until you think you can’t handle the smell of sudsy ammonia anymore. BTW – Epsom Salts and Clear Ammonia are the two best negativity cleaners. Read this article:  https://free-candle-spells.com/2010/12/17/hoodoo-products-and-uses-ammonia-and-epsom-salts-dynamic-duo-of-negativity-cleansing/

4.) New You, New View – Now, take LOTS of Epsom Salts baths. Clean the tub, pour your water. Add a cup (or 2) of Epsom Salts. Soak, including your head, until water is cool. Stand up, rinse or wash off in shower. Do daily until you feel relaxed, cleansed, clean, and refreshed. Then, go get a trim, new nails, and a pedicure. Yes, your feet are in socks (it IS winter, after all) but even clear polish makes you feel good. A massage or acupuncture would help with your outlook as well. You want to be spiffy and ready to rule the world.

5.) Speaking of Ruling the World – Madonna’s first television appearance was on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand (I remember seeing it – but I’m older than you). Dick asked Madonna what she wanted to do/accomplish, and her answer as “Rule the World!” How about you?  If you have been putting off education, training, or something to make your life better – get to it NOW! Continuing training and education puts you ahead of the pack and boosts your sustainability in the workplace. With so many online classes and courses of study, you have no reason to not take a class every 10 weeks or so. If you do that, you will be 5 classes closer to a degree this time next year. Time to put down the remote and pick up a book. Or a laptop. Or…

6) CELEBRATE! – Make sure you have fun this year and remember good times with loved ones. You cannot work all the time without letting loose a bit, as it clears your mind, and gives you something to work towards. Now, turn up your volume and listen to Mary…



Happy New Year 2020! May it Bring to You Love, Prosperity and More!



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