Now that you have determined that maybe you might be jinxes or “crossed up” by someone who is jealous of your good fortune or life, it is time to confirm your suspicions. One of the best way to do so is to get a thorough spiritual reading. Do some research and read about the person who you are considering to do a reading for you. Ask them if they can give you clear, honest answers. Good psychic or spiritual consultants are God based, not necessarily from one Church, but have a good foundation of the Good Book.

When you have found out that you have been jinxed or are the recipient of negativity, either by a reading or your own detective work, it is the time to begin ridding yourself of the bad vibes and evil intentions sent your way. Each case is different, and the time to remedy yourself from the envy and jealously may vary depending on case, so do not despair when your first attempt in getting rid of this might result in an easing of the symptoms, but not removal of all. It is with constant vigilance and ‘being on your toes’ will keep you and your home from being an attractant to people’s envy, jealousy and evil.

Here are common traditional hoodoo and conjure steps to ridding yourself of a Jinx or Crossed Condition:

1.) Thorough Cleaning of the Home: I am talking about doing a regular deep clean then going back over the whole house to spiritually cleanse, protect and seal the home. You will need to move furniture, get into closet corners, under beds, washing windows, curtains and more. There are many items to use, but old tyme hoodoo and spiritual workers use Chinese Wash, a blend of fragrant Oriental grasses like lemongrass that will “chase off” evil. Others will use something with a pine scent, as the Native Americans believe that pine brings about good Spirits. Others have used a solution of one cap full of clear ammonia to a bucket of water, in which a cup of Epsom Salts has been added. Wipe everything down, even if you have just gone over it with regular cleaning products, as the solution will pick up and disperse any residual negativity.

2.) Spritually Cleaning Your Clothes: There are some who work in industries that collect negativity because they exist. These places of pent up jealousy, envy and anger are prison and jails, hospitals, the streets where garbage collectors and street workers toil, dumps and recycling centers, thrift stores, graveyards and those who deal with the dead such as mortuaries and coroners. If you are employed in any of these professions, it is wise to remove your shoes at the front door and carry them in to place on a brown paper bag to store and immediately proceed to your bathroom to shower and change before engaging with other family members in the home. Store work clothes in a basket different than your home and leisure clothing, so as to not spread the negativity. When laundering said work clothes, use a half cup of clear ammonia in the wash water, making sure not to add to water that contains bleach for safety sake – the gas can kill you – and then rinsing a second time to remove any residual negativity. You can read more about the uses of ammonia at Free Candle Spells “Hoodoo Products and Uses | Ammonia and Epsom Salts – Dynamic Duo of Negativity Cleansing”. Click on the title to go to the article.

3.) Spiritually Cleansing of the Body: You yourself can be the target of personal attack. When this happens, immerse yourself in a tubful of warm bathtub that contains 2 cups of Epsom Salts. It has been said that Epsom Salts is an easy and a ‘first line of defense’ to negativity that surrounds you. Get in the warm bath, making sure you hold your nose and dunk your head under the waterline for full immersion for a few minutes, and soak in bath until water gets cool. Stand, shower as usual, dress and enjoy the rest of your day.


The last part of this 3 part series will discuss keeping negativity from re-entering your workspace and home and how to protect yourself from others’ envy and jealousy.

You can read Part 1 of this series by clicking this title, “Tarot by Jacqueline | Jinxed and Crossed Conditions Pt. 1”


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