Happy Spring!

The newsletter for March comes at a time where we as all citizens of the World are being asked to stay indoors until this pandemic passes. Think of this as a time when the Jews needed to dab lamb’s blood on their door lintels as the Angel of Pestilence passed over. We need to hunker down and self-care. We will get over this and we all need to do our part to stop the spread of this virus.

I am here to talk to in the event you need to talk and I have more about that below.

In the meantime, consider researching the natural remedies available for disinfecting and cleansing the air in your home to combat particles that may be floating about. I am buying up ginger root to boil circles cut from the root in water to make a tea. Good for your immunity. Also, get out in the fresh air while you are social distancing, so that you can get healthy air into your lungs.

Wishing you all health and positive energy during this time.

* * * Tarot by Jacqueline News * * *

During the rest of March and through the month of April, while we are secluded in our homes I am offering some reading specials as a way to keep your spirits high and give you a ear to listen to you.

The button looks like this (actual ‘live’ operating button so when it is green, I am available)

As I announced in last month’s newsletter,I have installed on my site a call button that hooks up to 1-877-MSJACKI and will tell you if I am available and you can click to call in for just a couple of questions that you are wanting to know.

You can ask questions like:

* Is my candle spell being effective?

* Do they know I am doing magic work on them?

* Will the outcome manifest like I want?

* Will the fight we had break up up?

* Am I being considered for a raise? A promotion?

Here is some exciting news you might want to take advantage of during this time.

* * * SPECIAL #1 * * *

From now until April 30th, All calls to 1 – 877 – MSJACKI are $5.00 for the first 5 minutes and $1.99 a minute thereafter from 7 am to 11 pm Eastern time (that is 4 am to 8 pm Pacific time). This way, we can talk at a special rate for the first 5 minutes to answer your quick questions you might want to ask.

* * * SPECIAL #2 * * *

On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, the 11 am Eastern/8 am Pacific reading for the one hour length is $40.00. This is a special so that you can receive my popular one hour reading at a reduced rate.


* * * Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Supply * * *

We are suspending shipping of all packages from Lucky 13 Clover until early May when the guidelines have been lifted regarding social distancing. Please read note on the Home Page at wwwlucky13clover.com


Free-Candle-Spells News

Free Candle Spells was started in 2008 and include writings I have done on the behalf of candle spell work on freecandlespells.com New articles appear every month. You can never get enough of reading and studying candle spell techniques on Free Candle Spells.

That is it for now. More soon!

Good Luck and God Bless You and yours in 2020,



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