All Hail Saint Expedite!




The season for traveling for business and family has arrived and with that a limit of services that I can provide for you will be in place until late July. Last month I had announced that fairs and festivals are starting again and I have a trip to California in summer, so if you are in California you can come get a reading in person. I will keep you notified when I arrive in California so we can plan an appointment.

There is a new reading schedule online for readings and now a Night Owl Reading Special as well. Check out both of them in the gray right hand portion of the home page at

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St. Expedite – Patron Saint of Procrastinators

A most beloved Patron Saint of New Orleans and one who many hoodoosants and rootworkers will work with, his feast day is April 19th. Also mentions as “St. Expedee”, the easiest way to read all about St. Expedite and the works he performs is to click here to read more:


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Lucky 13 Clover will be on hiatus from April until July. Any order placed during that time will ship in July.

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That’s it for now! May everyday be blessed for you.


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