“Hot fun in the Summertime….”. Those lyrics to the Sly and the Family Stone song reminds me a my lazy pre-teen and teen years, where the most important thing was baby oil, the Sun and the transistor radio. My hours were spent baking myself to a deep dark brown, something we dare not do anymore. It was a gentler time in my life, carefree and simple, as I am sure that the same is true in your early years.

Today is August 1st, and for those of you who are parents of school-aged children, it is the month of gathering – pencils and jeans, cleats and backpacks – all those items that promote and support our upcoming generation to success in school.

August is also the time where we have turned the corner on the Seasons. The general populace’s perception of the changing of the Seasons is faulty, meaning, that the First Day of Summer is not really the first day of Summer but it marks the mid-point of Summer, or on that day, we are half way to Fall. Autumn’s true ‘First Day” is August 1st, with the Feast of Lammas/Lugnasadh. It is the Feast of the First Fruits, one of three Autumn festivals.

Read more about the Wheel of the Year here:

I can tell Fall is here as well. I woke up one morning and the early morning sunlight is golden, where just a few weeks prior it was bright. The faint edges of the sycamore leaves have a yellowy-orange tinge of color, while the rest of the leaf is not-as-vibrant of a color of green as it recently had been. The garden and the flowers may still be going strong, but it is time to start making way for the cooler temperatures around the bend, especially here in the Northeast. Indian Summer will be here soon, with the wild temperature swings of high 80’s in the day to low 50’s in the night that will keep your fans going but you’ll pull the blanket over you after midnight.

Mercury Retrograde ends August 2nd, and even though it was a wild one for some, the residual effects may be prevalent for a couple of more days, so hold off on major decision making until next weekend, if you can. So now that Mercury, the planet of communication, goes direct in the Sun sign of Leo, refrain from roaring “like a Lion” over issues you have been dealing with the past month. Calmer heads need to prevail here for successful outcomes.


* Tarot by Jacqueline News *

The cement base floor is cured and we will be constructing the walls of the All Saints Candle Chapel and it is scheduled to be ready for use this late September. I have sent out the second wave of large St. Expedite Prayer Card Altar images that commemorates the construction of the All Saints Candle Chapel. More will be forthcoming about our first ceremony in the months to come!

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That’s it for now! May everyday be blessed for you.


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