Rose of Jericho plant unfurled and dried in background

The Rose of Jericho, also known as the Resurrection plant, is found in most desert environments that is found in the Arabian/North Africa/Biblical Regions (Israel, Jordan) of the world. This remarkable plant, given the name ‘resurrection’ because of its unique ability to curl up and wither and then unfold and turn green again when exposed to water. Many cultures have placed Holy or Sacred associations with the plant because of this trait. Many Catholic families like to keep this plant in the home for a symbolic ritual of Life, Death and Rebirth during Easter time.  Known in Latino cultures as Siempre Vida , it has also been associated with the Lukumi God Chango.

It is also considered a botanical that is used in magickal work in prosperity and success work, and when treated and cared for in a loving manner, will last for a long time.  Neglecting to change it’s water  may result in your success wasting away!

Some business owners have this plant placed near the front door of a business and one candle shop employee told me that they use the water of the plant in their floor wash when mopping the front tile area to attract more customers. It is almost consider a “must have” in hoodoo and conjure traditions.

To “revive” a Rose of Jericho plant, place it in a shallow bowl with 1-2 inches of water – that’s it. The plant will unfurl in about 6 -8 hours or overnight. Many legends tell that the water should be changed on a Sunday – a Holy day.

I suggest using only spring water for your plant, since it is nature’s purest liquid and not full of chemicals that possibly lurk in tap water. When changing your water, run cool tap water over the whole plant before setting it in the new water in your bowl to rinse off any collected negativity it might have absorbed during the week.

You might want to consider a crystal bowl for your Rose of Jericho plant, or a clear glass bowl with added quartz crystals in the water. You may also want to add coins or even place a $2.00 bill (considered lucky in conjure and hoodoo) under the plant, for added money drawing properties. If doing so, use an odd number of money (coins and paper money together) in amounts adding to 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13, as these are considered “lucky” numbers. You may keep the coins in the water for one complete Moon cycle, then place them in your pocketbook to circulate around town.  If working with the Moon is something you like to do, you can add new coins for the next Moon lunation cycle (about 30 days). If considering doing this type of prosperity work, start on a New Moon and end on the next New Moon, as all attraction, prosperity and success spells should be begun on a New Moon.

Some root workers will revive a Rose of Jericho plant only to add a money charm made from a greenback (paper money) wrapped around certain items and place it in the center of the plant, allowing the plant to curl up over the bundle. After completely dry, they will take the plant and create a money attraction charm or a mojo bag for their client.

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