There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens:

Book of Ecclesiastes 3:1


The rock band The Byrds adapted this Biblical passage into the song “Turn, Turn, Turn”, and it was a popular song that was related to the message of peace and love of the Sixties. Many of you might remember or can ask your parents what was the feeling of young people during this time and you will get varied answers in regards to the state of the World and other major concerns of the time. It truly was a time when many wanted to make change for a better co-existance for all humans. At that time, the younger generation felt that the “time is now” in regards to action, and peaceful (and some not so peaceful) protests happened during that decade of change. Change came at a time when it was requested and also implemented to have an effect not only now but also affected what transpired into our own daily lives.

But what if there was talk and discussion, but no real activation to create that change? Then what? This is the same question that pops up when a person contacts a rootworker for magical rituals or sessions for a particular outcome. Here are some ways you can thwarts your own progress in your hesitancy or delay in doing hoodoo spellwork or rootwork once you have had a consultation.

First, unless proven otherwise, I will say that rootworkers are legitimate spiritual workers and truly do want to bring out the best for your situation since you have trusted them with your story and time in consultations. Your time is valuable as it takes you from your loved ones, your career, and yourself personally. That is the same for workers, who do a lot of “background” work that you might not consider when booking a session for a consultation. Depending on the worker, that time might be already compensated for in the consultation pricing or when the work is to be done, as “nothing is free”.

What you may not understand is that when you receive the quote or invoice for spiritual work outside of an appointment for a reading, time has gone into the working and writings for your situation, and it most likely needs to take place within a certain time parameter in order for it to be done. I have had clients that agreed to work yet failed to pay for the invoice for said services until two or more weeks later, thus nullifying some of the work (especially if working with eh Moon or other planetary factors need to be considered), and then new ‘plans’ need to be drawn up. This doubles the time the worker has to do calculations and gathering product (as in fresh products) or whether the workers has other obligations previously booked or scheduled that your delay is now causing scheduling changes. Certain workers also have beliefs that require them to participate in feast days or ceremonies that will not be changed because of clientele.

Another issue that causes delays in decision making with rituals or spellwork is cost. I hope that your worker gives you a price upfront, with a brief description of what will happen or what is involved, before you ask for the invoice or agree to the work. I always send an e-mail with choices for clients, allowing them time to decide, before invoicing them. Once invoiced, I am expecting that they will satisfy the invoice in a normal amount of time so that I can schedule in the spell work into my own schedule, and have time to be able to do for them. So once you have an idea what you want done, please consider your finances before asking for that invoice or payment plan so that it is clear of the time frame in which the work is to be done.

In regards to pricing, each worker has their own price, and rightly so, as on first working with them, you might not know the training and scholarly works they achieved to be where they are today. Most workers travel and spend to learn, as the information in their heads does not come out of the air, but with experience working with the Elders of the Craft, the numerous books and classes they attend, the hours of research and development, practice, and experience all is considered in the pricing.

What is considered “bad manners” is to ask many questions and try to get a worker to reveal the techniques of what they have planned to do for you, and then take that information to another worker who might perform the same ritual, hoping for a lesser price. Not only are you creating a reputation for yourself, but you are setting yourself up for possibly being charged MORE than your original worker was charging for their services. The idea of shopping for a worker happens before you. I have revealed in detail some of my spellwork that I do for clients for a reason, and when I hear “through the grapevine” that another is using that spell ‘found on blah-blah-blah’, I know that they are using my spell, and that is OK with me. It is posted with intent that is only known to me and for the use of the general populace. My suggestion is that you do not ask for detailed specifics of spellwork upfront from a worker, but ask one or two questions on what the intended outcome should look like.

Which brings me to guarantees. If you are working with someone who guarantees 100% success, I suggest you run. That is like me telling you that you are going to live a long life then you pull out of your driveway to go to the grocery store and get into a fatal accident. The expectation that all spellwork will bring 100% success is faulty because of CHANGE. The intended target changes, you change, the planets change, the Moon changes. Your work should always include the possibility that if it is not in your best interest, then it will not work. Consider this, the woman or man that you can’t live without but abuses you in more ways than one, has left and you want them back. If your worker is ethical, you should receive some consultation in regards to your safety and well being. If you want them back so badly that you pay for spellwork to make that happen, then they return and commit a crime, then the question becomes WHY? There is no guarantees in life and if the candle work or ritual is for the betterment of YOU, then the Angels, Saints, and Heavens will make that happen in their own time. Not yours. If this person might have the propensity to harm you, then God will not let that happen. At that point, you need to understand that something better is coming for you, and you need to make change and ready yourself for that better person to come along. Does that mean a period of being single, or alone? Sure. But you are preparing the way for a better life and love.

Finally, the consideration on the investment of time and financial resources needs to be considered. I have had clients that are on the brink of eviction who want to start candles to delay it or bring in more money. That ship has sailed, dear. Why does it take until the Sheriff knocking at the door with eviction papers to do a standby while you gather your things for you to realize that “the house is on fi-YAH!” before you act on it? At this point, spellwork is totally moot and you should have considered money work months ago, when you started seeing discrepancies in your income flow.

These are some considerations to think about if you are wanting rootwork or candle spells to activate change in your situation. Hopefully, you will take time in quiet contemplation on the value of your work being done for you by a skilled rootworker or spellcaster, and that you will understand the background energy that is taken to make sure your spell works to the best of its ability for a successful outcome for you.




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