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Are you a “Victim” or Victorious in Magic?

One of the most common things I hear from clients is their belief that they have had something placed on them or “a job” or “trabajo”, “works”, “jinx” or have been “crossed up”. While this can actually be true, depending on the situation, many times the client has played a part in this scenario that brought about the actual “dirty deeds done dirt cheap” on them.

When a client comes to you for a reading or for magickal remedies to their personal situations, the worker or consultant assumes that they are completely innocent in the event and that they are the recipient of ill will, envy or jealousy because of the lesser developed nature spirit of the perpetrator, however, in some cases, this is not true.

Owning up to one’s own involvement is extremely important in magickal works because it follows a line of Truth that needs to be revealed before clearing and healing can occur. I can only imagine that if this would be true, daytime talk shows such as “Maury” and “Jerry Springer” and the like would not have the following as they currently do.

The old saying is “it takes two to tango” rings true here. You, simply because you are the person seeking magickal interventions, are part of the problem but can also be part of the solution. When I say ‘problem’ I am not blaming you, but because of your involvement, you are creating the ‘magnet’ to which the other persons’ negativity is being directed. Sometimes this is simply because of a stroke of good luck or a raise orthe purchase of something envied by the other person, despite your best efforts to not draw attention to the situation.

When doing “Revenge”,”Clearing”, or “Reversible” work, I always tell people who buy these products to make sure they are ‘clean’ of any wrong-doing by taking Epsom salts baths, spending time in meditation or prayer and for an extra ‘oomph’, do an act of charity like donating to a homeless shelter or giving someone on the street holding a sign a couple of bucks. This way, you take the negativity off of you because you are walking in a ‘good and Godly way’ by being charitable.

Being charitable is also a key element in prosperity work because you cannot expect to receive all the time without giving as well. It is a give and take situation. We all benefit from someone spending money with us and then we can take that money and spread it out in the community. However, not all realize this. I recently received a telephone call from someone who I burned one Money Drawing candle for and their response was, “With all due respect, I didn’t see any improvement with that candle being burned for me.” Later, they reveal that they are on a Government controlled assistance program where they have revealed that they could not work, therefore allowing Congress to control the amount of money they are to receive each month. I told them prosperity work means that you get up and work, despite aches and pains, and if you are truly disabled, then you have to find different ways to increase your prosperity.

Prosperity work is a MINDSET – a method of living purposefully to increase income in many different areas. Tithing or making charitable contributions is one of those prosperity works. Look at your Public Television stations; many of the shows have a moment where they thank their contributors such as large corporations or trusts that have been set up by wealthy people to donate a portion of the investments for public television. Not only is this a great tax write-off, but it is prosperity work in action.

Working with candles is still a great motivator and helps you focus on the end game or the results you want to see. Candle spells magic can propel you into greatness but it is not the end-all-to-be-all. Remember a petition, prayer or chant that is written down and placed under a candle is an affirmation of your intent to do all that you can to get there – and the dignity in accepting the reason why you did not. Acceptance is a chance for change to re-do again and for the better. You may not know the why you did not get the job or raise, but God does and if you do not achieve what you were focused on when you wanted it – it might be because God had something else in mind for you.


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