At Marie LaVeau's grave - April 2011

At Marie LaVeau’s grave – April 2011

It has come to my knowledge throughout the years that there are two basic types of personalities that come to get magical work done or to get tarot insight. This first personality is one who has a decision to make or are unsure which road to choose, and despite their friends, loved ones, and families’ best efforts, one course of action has not been chosen. This is when this person sees someone outside their social circle to gain insight and knowledge to aid and assist in the decision. Some who book a reading are amazed that the cards are “spot on” and describe the issues surrounding the client. The client is interested in changing their future and wholeheartedly take into consideration the suggestion of the card and the Obi to activate or establish the change to move forward successfully. These are the clients that succeed because they are willing to do what it takes to activate change. The cards have told people to stand their ground and court case was won. I have told people that the money will be reimbursed after so many years and it did. Obi had predicted that the move was inevitable and it happened. I have nothing but praise for these clients because they worked along with the divination message and made excellent progress with their choices in life.

The second personality that seeks someone to save them, much like a drowning person who grasps around your neck and pulls you down with them. These are clients who have waited too long, doing nothing about the situation and expected that the problem would ‘just go away’ if they didn’t think or focus on it. This is similar to you receiving the notice that the mortgage was late, did not call the bank, did not answer the phone, did not sign for the certified letters and now the sheriff is knocking on the door to evict you from the house. Now they want help. The people with this type of mindset is the most challenging for any rootworker or magician, tarot reader or consultant to work with because they will not accept that they had any part in the outcome facing them. In their mind, they are the “victim”. Some comments made to me regarding “victim mentality” are as follows:

“It was not my fault even though I knew about it.”

“Since they started it, I let them finish it.”

“I figured that if I didn’t pay it no mind, it would just stop.”

This is like knowing that you needed to pay the mortgage on the house, but chose not to, and then figured that the bank would ‘forget’ that you owe them $1100.00 a month for three months? Naw. Don’t think so. Then when the eviction notice comes, you say that you didn’t get any mail or information on how to stop it. What about those certified letters? Were they not a warning sign? Did they not peak your interest to sign for them, open the envelope and read?

This is like having a mess going on in your house and then not attending to it right away, and then asking someone for root work to be done after it gets out of control.

Here is a list of expectations that a magician, root worker or conjurer can expect from you:

1. Contact them early in the situation, since waiting may compound the problem and make it much more expensive for you to unravel.

2. Remain calm and do not call when in hysterics and you are upset.

3. Once employed, do not contact your root worker with daily or hourly updates, unless you have previously contracted that with them.

4. Do not lie to your conjurer.

5. Do not keep things from your magician.

6. Once the spell had been done do not intentionally stir things up to create havoc.

7. Accept what your root worker, spell caster or magician has to tell you, despite it not being what you want to hear. This is especially important in matters of love, money and court cases.

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