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Magic: Does it Work?

Countless times I have been asked if magical rituals and candle burning work. I have always been an advocate of doing something Spiritual in nature when in trouble or when a need is indicated in a reading or by other obvious means. The information I give in person as well as below is my own opinion and have evolved with experience. I speak as one who has practiced candle rituals and such and have been to recipient of blessings and outcome desired.

There are many questions one may have regarding candle magic, so I will list them in order of frequency with my answer below:

1.) Does candle magic spells work?

A: I will be the first to say that I have seen candle magic work and then also things not materializing as one wanted. There are no guarantees in magic just as there are no guarantees in life. Sometimes spells work, sometimes they do not. Sometimes wishes, prayers and hopes do not work out to what we want and sometimes they do. There are many who practice some sort of ritual or magic, and in various intensities, and that is to each individual’s satisfaction. The belief of “it only works if you believe it will work” can’t be attributed only to the Believer as I have seen complete reversals even when the person affected gave up hope. You will need to form your own opinion on the validity of results of candle burning success.

2.) Can Magical Spells be guaranteed to work?

A: As a practitioner and purveyor of products used in magical rituals such as oils and candles, it would be to my benefit that I should say, “Of course! All candle magic ritual spells are 100% guaranteed!!!”. A statement like that would propel me to instant fame and fortune, with dastardly results if I failed. One thing I say to each and everyone who asks this question is this:

Any candle magic, spell or ritual is not guaranteed and if you are doing business with someone who claims that it is, be aware.

You are now asking yourself why would I make such a statement. It is because a candle ritual, anointed with oils or dusted with sachets or herbs and placed on a piece of paper that someone has poured their heart and soul into the words, is not guaranteed by God to work because you are petitioning God to grant something to you. It may be determined by God not to be what God wants for you. It is not God’s will. If burning a candle petition prayer service does not bring you the results you want, then all I can say is  that God has something else in mind for you. Life, love, success, happiness – and all the other things that people burn candles to bring about – is not Burger King – you cannot have it your way and in 30 seconds or less. Burning a candle, a prayer of submission to the Will of God, is just that: Asking God to intervene and grant your blessing you see in this endeavor. Nothing more, nothing less. Despite purchasing the best products, seeking out the most famed root worker, or calculating the time of the candle spell to the minute, if God does no want this for you, it will not happen.

3.) Is candle magic worth trying if it is not guaranteed?

A: “Proof” pertains to the individual, the same as myself, but I have practiced candle magic since the tender years of 15 and while in the beginning I was quite surprised, now I just say “Thank You!!!” when my prayer petition has bee ngranted. Not all spells will work the same for everyone; candle magic is like our Grandmother’s favorite chocolate cake recipe. Your Granny may have used a teaspoonful of coffee and mine might have used mayonnaise instead of eggs, and with that in mind, each spell needs “tweaking” to get the recipe as spot on perfect as possible. Ultimately, one has to remember that a candle ritual with a heartfelt petition under it is a request to God to ask for favors granted. Maybe that man or woman you want so badly one day in the future might end up causing you misery or grief and God decided you did not need this in your life. Better to use magic to concentrate upon real and attainable desires and be clear out the objective outcomes as mant times once clarity has been attained, blessings come forth.

This is the first of a three part series on Q&A on the effectiveness of candle ritual spells.


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