Offerings to Ochun at the River for Assistance with Love and Money

Offerings to Ochun at the River for Assistance with Love and Money


What is it?

We have rituals that we do everyday. Sometimes, without thinking or knowing what we do or why we do it.

Making coffee. Kissing someone goodbye. Looking at our watch. Muttering off our list of “to-dos” under our breath.
How about lighting candles on a birthday cake to wish on. A sultry scented candle for that big night with a lover. All of these are rituals in one way or another.

There is an initial intention in doing it. That is the immediate response that occurs when activating that energy.

There are other rituals that can be done in life to create change and attract miracles. These are specifically known as ‘the setting of lights’ or candle rituals.

Candle burning rituals are there when you need to create a shift or change in your life.

Candle magic rituals are there when you:

* Need to nurture a relationship into a better place

* When you need to “fire up” your money attraction processes

* When you are down right broken-hearted and blue

* When you need someone to “see things your way”

* Need swift, decisive action on an threat or ‘enemy’

* When you need a spiritual light to shine on you during an exam or interview

Candle burning rituals are not just as easy as writing a petition or set and intention – that’s the easy part. Praying for a miracle calls for a wee bit more intent and concentration.

The hardest part of any candle magic ritual is waiting. We live in a fast-paced world where it is easy to fall into the mindset of instantaneous gratification, also known as “I want it NOW!”. There was a famous commercial jungle many years ago that said, “Have it Your Way…”, you know which one that is. It was to satisfy your demand for instant appeasement.

The problem is that with certain celestial and spiritual matters, “instant” is not a word that is in the vocabulary.

I have seen almost instantaneous results and I have seen slow results. I cannot say which one was ‘best’ or ‘most effective’, as the outcomes on both were decidedly different even though both had to do with matters of relationships!

It is hard to wait for an outcome. The world demands immediate results anymore. However, the processes that one goes through while either exacting a candle spell on someone or the recipient of a candle spell are necessary in order to make that candle ritual “stick”, and not have to be repeated.

Many times when in a tarot consultation, I will tell the client to image a football game that they are participating in. They are on the field, along with the other ‘game players’. They have one thing in mind, the same as everyone else, which is to get the ball. Whether you are on the offensive or defense sides of any team, your goal is “the ball”. I tell clients to sit back, take a Gatorade break and watch how the other ‘players’ are moving about. Are they frantic? Are they calculated in their moves? Are they successful or do they trip over their own shoes? Watching ‘the game’ gives you insight on how to manage your candle burning ritual and aids and assists in your confirmation or a sense of ‘knowing’ when to add a red candle for effect or to snuff a candle out because the spell was done.

Relax. Calculate. Concentrate. Do. It will happen when the Higher Powers want it to happen for you. If it is meant for you.


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