This intuitive and insightful tarot card reading and divination will reveal the situation that is at hand for you and give you insight and remedies to consider to clear away the negative problems and enhance the positive blessings in store for you.

This three-layer tarot card reading is all revealing in its nature. The first layer will give you key issues that are facing you. Then, as we lay the second layer down, we can reveal the real reason that is behind the problems, who is your friends and/or enemies, the concerns regarding family, career, education, money, financial obligations, love, luck and curses. We can ask the other divination system I use from the Caribbean if candle spell work would clear the issue up or should stronger methods be implemented. Finally, the third layer gives us what is coming up for you and what you should aim for in your life.

After the reading, you may ask a few more questions that may have not been addressed in your reading but still are on your mind.

Order a reading by clicking the tab above in the dark grey line right under the words Tarot by Jacqueline in script.

Please note: In the event of a missed call from me to you, I will wait 15 minutes for you to return a call for your reading. If I do not hear from you within 15 minutes, I will retain $15.00 for my time and will refund the money that is left on your order. Please make sure you are available a the time we have chosen for your reading. Thank you.

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