Many times within a reading for a client, they will tell me that they are having someone do work for them for a myriad of reasons. Having someone do work for you when the intended “target” lives with you, or perhaps they have a question regarding their own strength or knowledge of the work to be done. This is an absolute perfect reason that many readers also do work for clients. Now within this ‘confession’ during their reading, most want to know of the efficacy or effectiveness of the work, or the percentage of success that will come. That is also perfectly alright to ask about the spiritual outcome of work, as one reader may give some insight, and then suggest changing or “tweaking” the work, I tell the client to write down what I come up with, and then give said information to the worker, who at that point, may take the suggestion to help the client. In my heart, my goal is to get the client “well” or to achieve their goal, and therefore, get them to not need candle work or a reading until problems pop up again, if those problems were to do so.

In my former employment in education, this concept is called “working yourself out of a job”, because once a client is satisfied with the work, and happy, then another will come in to ask for your assistance on a problem.  There is nothing that tarnishes the good name of spiritual workers than those who purposely construct spell work and situations that deem the client perpetually needy of services, thus draining bank accounts through emotional hostage taking. These readers and workers are shunned in the spiritual community because it gives honest, forthright, and workers with integrity more s&*t and slander to work against.

Once, I had a client that came to me and received a reading. The question regarding the workers effectiveness on the candles ordered was asked. In the reading, it said that the worker should consider breaking the spell work into parts – meaning instead of stacking the hamburger, do it in parts – the burger patty, the bun, the tomato, the lettuce – you get the picture. One of my oldest saying is “it’s not Burger K*ng, you can’t have it your way and in 30 seconds.” What I mean by this is that in this fast-paced world, spiritual work does not work like that. It works on it’s own time, and when energy shifts, then you see action. Think of spiritual work like Teutonic plates that cause earthquakes. In a nutshell, each plate applies pressure from their direction, and once one side shows weakness, then the plates “slip” causing an earthquake. Your candle work applies energy that is being resisted by the other side, and when one side weakens, movement happens – whether good or bad for the client. So for this client, I suggested that their worker they contracted with consider splitting the work in parts to create a way to determine what point was most resistant to change, and which area was easy to achieve the results the client wanted.

Many years ago, my telephone rang and on the line was someone who wanted a custom blend of oil that would do the following:

* Cause her husband to stop running around town with scandalous women

* Get her oldest son to stop drinking and move out on his own

* Bring in money (from vague sources)

* Stop the younger kids from fighting

* Keep “that b&%*h” ex-wife of her husband from coming around

* Help her stop a foreclosure on her home

and even more that I just cannot remember. I told her she would need various oils, and the candles to go with them, to be able to start the spiritual energy work to help aid and assist her on success in these different area,but the likelihood of a “one oil cures all” is next to impossible. She asked why. I then told her that some of the issues are intertwined and once she could do the work on part of them, then shift or change will happen in the other areas. She wasn’t buying it, and wasn’t considering compartmentalizing these issues. She also did not want to purchase the oils for each condition, then mixed them together in a larger container for her to anoint her candles accordingly. She wanted a 1/2 ounce bottle of “Cure All”. I’m no ‘snake oil’ seller, and reminded her that there is no “100% guarantees” in anything, especially spiritual work, as the ‘cure’ is in God’s time, not ours.

My suggestion to you, dear reader, is to consider working on issues one-by-one until you accomplish your goal. Some things will clear up rather quickly, and then you will know what your real challenges are. At that point, you can decide if a little heavier-handed work is an option.





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