There is a problem in the room, the house, HERE. There is a reason for the problem being here. There is also a solution for the problem. For one moment, let’s consider this situation:

You and your loved one broke up your relationship for a reason. You lost your job for a reason. Something bad happened to you for a reason, and if you don’t know WHAT that reason was, then the likelihood that you have no idea how to prevent it from happening again to you is pretty certain. You can only look at this in two ways:

1.) If you know what happened to cause the event – DO THE SPELLWORK to get it back or replace it.

2.) If you don’t know what went wrong – GET A READING to find out what happened and if you can correct it .

Something that I see often is that someone wants to burn a candle or do spellwork to resolve an issue but truly they do not know what happened to cause the situation to happen in the first place. Many times the person wants to work within a budget, and thinks that what they are doing/are having done is going to rectify the problem, therefore believing it will be eliminated from happening again. Often what happens is that they exacerbate the situation because of delays in the proper way to handle it or the supposed way they thought it should have been addressed irritated it like rubbing salt into a wound.



Let’s apply this methodology to a break up of a couple. One of the first items to consider when working to reunite two lovers is this: does either one of them understand WHY they broke up in the first place? To consider burning a candle to reunite two lovers without understanding the core essence that is the problem, you are considering to be coming into and out of candle shops or contacting a rootworker throughout the year periodically. Why? It is because while the candle may ease the situation for a time being, until the issue is resolved or fixed, then whatever broke you two up in the beginning is going to return to cause another break up again. Why? Because the root problem is still there. The infidelity, the lack of respect, the bitchiness, the wandering eye, the side chick/booty call.

Now with this same scenario, if the person wanting to rectify the situation would have gotten a reading before doing candle work, then certain insight would have came through the reading, and would have supported the actual work that would have followed. Remember, you can burn candles all you want, but if that certain candle, with the appropriate petition, anointing oils, and other accouterments to be used are not the CORRECT items, then you are applying a band-aid to a gaping or bleeding wound. Nothing will help until you get the RIGHT method and products.

Let’s consider this same application in an employment or career situation. You were passed over for a position that you felt that you were well qualified for and should have received, yet it went to another. Did you see the resume of the other person or have inner knowledge of their talents or education? Did YOU continue to take online classes, updating your resume each time you completed a course, and entered said information into your HR files so it is present when the Boss pulled said file? Did you keep your accomplishments on the “down low”, only to inform the appropriate personnel of them that really, really are the only ones you needed to report to? Remember the old WW2 saying, “Loose lips sink ships?” Can you really trust that no one in your department practices some sort of spirituality that might hamper you?

In conclusion, you are free to make your decision whether you should apply one methodology as opposed to another to see clearly what is truly needed to make that change. Humans have free will, and to make sure you are considering all aspects of the situation, sit quietly in contemplation whether a good reading before starting any spellwork would be a wiser investment for your funds before rushing to the candle shop and choosing products that may hamper as opposed to helping the issue at hand. You will be wiser for it.


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