From time to time, people like yourself get readings, whether with the Tarot or other divination systems, to gain clarity of sight and thought and to be given information that with aid you or explain the current or recent past and the situations that may have occurred. Many like to go to one specific reader, and sometimes others like to back one readers reading with another to ‘see if what they said was true’. Some readers may be a little concerned that a client does exactly that, but other readers welcome the added support of another gifted reader to help “drive the message home”, so to speak. So it is a curiosity when the message repeats itself over in a reading for a client, whether from the same reader or different readings consecutively.

But what if the message repeats itself over and again through a series of appointments with a specific reader, or a series of readers? This is an unique occurrence that need to be thoroughly considered in a person’s spiritual walk in life.

When a message or a particular tarot card comes through a reading more than once, especially if there was a period of time between each reading, it means that the condition or situation is still viable and stagnant, as the recommended ‘work’ or even the message coming through has not been acted upon. For example, if a client is told to burn specific candles, or do yet another ritual in a reading, and fails to do so, then the condition or situation is destined to remain as it is or will not move forward to conclusion or resolution, because of the lack of caring to “do the work.” Clients may be paralyzed or hesitant to perform candle burning ritual because of fear of being “found out” or criticized for their beliefs, as many cultures will openly reveal and reject a person who walks a different spiritual path than the normal conventional belief systems.

Many clients may not have the financial resources or suppliers of articles and ingredients for specific ritual remedies for certain spiritual situations. It is then a challenge for the client to muster resolve in gaining funds for the supplies for the ritual, and doing the research, whether on the Internet or within the community they live in, to find a supplier for the products needed to complete the assigned task.

Another problem may arise within the psyche of the client is the actual belief that they possess in the success of the ritual and its’ outcome. Speaking to the reader, the client may state verbally that they will or do believe the ritual will aid and assist in the condition or situation, but in their mind and heart, they do not share that same belief. This may be again because of cultural or family restrictions or the fear of discovery from friends and family, or they do not take the reading that they received seriously. When this happens, it is almost certain that the message will repeat itself in the reading, or the condition or situation will continue until the ritual is performed. In this case, it is the client that perpetuating the “stuck situation” or that they themselves are “blocking their own roads” by hesitating in moving forward with the ritual.

How do You Move Forward in this Case?

First, you must have had a belief in Spirit to propel you to book a reading. This is a good thing, however, you may harbor some fear about the task assigned to you (if any) and the outcome of the condition or situation. You may also have fears and doubts about what happens to you ‘once the smoke clears’, meaning, after things change. Change is hard for some people, and the fear of the unknown is even more difficult for them.

Secondly, with all of the power you can muster, you must do the ‘work'(if any) in order to activate the change. Standing still and doing nothing is like pulling your car into the middle of a four-way stop and sitting there. Traffic will come at you from all sides with horns blaring and angry drivers shaking their fists at you. yelling at you to move. Not only will things get even more complicated, but in certain negative events, the revelation of knowledge you received at your reading may antagonize the other participants in the condition or situation, causing them to ‘up the ante’. For example, many people who are having work done on them for negative purposes, will get a reading and the revelation of the information that negative work is being done on them (“a jinx”, “crossed up”, or “curse”) will spark a more intense time for them while they are battling it. I call it “the pimple effect”, where you have a pimple in the middle of your forehead and the more you pay attention to it, the more uglier it gets. What is needed is the appropriate “medicine” and attention to it to make it fade and goes away.

Lastly, once you have been told in your reading to have certain candles burned, or you are told to have a ritual/perform a ritual to address the condition or situation, DO NOT GO TELLING OTHERS THIS INFORMATION. Marcus Garvey said,”‘The pen is mightier than the sword, but the tongue is mightier than them both put together.”‘. In order for you to have SUCCESS in your ritual work, silence is best and keeping your business to yourself will diminish or eliminate all interference and additional negative energy being sent your way.


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