Telemarketers, You gotta love ’em. God bless them.

Twice a year and usually in January and July, both important times of the business year, I receive a plethora of calls about boosting my Google presence or increasing my rankings on the Internet, blah, blah, blah. While these callers are indeed offering a service, I am in no need of them. I merely give them the perfect answer to their promise of an increase of callers or “500 hits a day” : I couldn’t service them if I tried. Their comeback is always, “But, but, but…” I then explain to them that at one time I read cards in psychic faires and other like-minded events, and it did not matter to me how many people came through the door. I could not physically be able to read for each and every person in the event.

Most psychic type events also has people who sell incense, crystals, books and handmade wares, and have other practitioners such as Reiki and aura cleansing. The mix is usually jovial as we recognize each other from past similar events. The occasional “newbie” floats by with fascination and we exchange pleasantries as we are setting up for the day. I have even had the occasional participant who tries to cast something over my space, which is hilarious because I am not a competitive person in the matters of spiritual work. In fact they are the competetitve ones, as their desire of fame and fortune causes them to approach a like-minded person and try to cast some sort of spell on the other reader. Amusing, rediculous, and yet tinged with sadness that there has to be competition in the world of spiritual healing.



Once I sat next to a young reader, not quite of legal age, that I will now deem “The Young One” and who was an excellent spiritual worker from the brief exchange with her and also the mastery she had of the cards as I watched her. I had a sign in list on my table and people were milling about trying to catch a word or glimpse of my reading for the person in the chair before me. One person complained loudly that she was ‘short on time’ and that could not wait of which I was sorry about the circumstances, but then I offered to her that she should try the Young One, and I told her that she is a gifted reader and should be considered. The Young One loooked at me with wide eyes, trying not to look surprised. I gave her a look back with eyebrows raised and a “you go, girl” smile and the rest of the day we slayed the reader’s row at the faire.

I share this because there has been over the years, waves of ‘competition’ coming into recognition, and I say to them all, “Bless you and your gifts.” The reason? Because only time and talent will tell and who am I to negate another’s gifts and services to make myself appear like “the All-Powerful Wizard of OZ!!!” (cue the thunder sound). I appreciate each and every one of my ‘people’ because I don’t see you as clients and customers, but friends as I remember little details of your life, and you appreciate that. This makes us closer than ever.

God Bless them. You Gotta love ’em, right?


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