I recently got off the phone doing a reading for a client who gets a reading done once a year. Truthfully, I could have recorded the convo last year and replayed it back this year. This client, who is so beautiful and a goddess who has so much to offer, is throwing her life away for a situation that does not value her. Yes, in the beginning it was good. Hot. Juicy. She gave it her all. Then, the true nature revealed itself. Ultimately, the dance spiral of deceit, broken promises, and the ticking of the clock begins. Wait. Almost. Soon. Someday.

How does a person who is in the magical arts get through to a person who cannot see the proverbial ‘forest for the trees’ – especially when you are consulted to help them? I have encountered many times a stifling silence in the middle of a reading because it is morally WRONG for me to ask questions that should not be asked. You just DO NOT want to invite the inevitable. I stumble over the words, shocked and blindsided with the truth before me. How do I talk to God about this one?

Once, I did a reading for a new client. When I pull cards, I do it with no ‘front loaded’ questions – meaning, I don’t ask why someone is coming for a reading. I let the cards talk to the client. Each card has a meaning, a story, and the patterns of sitting next to each other – along with my intuition – gives me the words to speak. This client, after hearing the cards on the first layer (I do three), uttered what they deduced as to what the cards were ‘saying’ to them. Since this was a telephone reading, instead of an in-person reading, my intuition is heightened as I have no facial or body signals to indicate anything. The client’s words regarding the first layer of the tarot reading confirmed the squishy/squeamish feeling I was having in my stomach. Greed. Without prompting, they began their tale, and I let them talk, as it is their time to release and maybe…vent? I listened. Once they had finished, I asked them again did they have any questions before moving to the second layer? No, they did not.

The second layer gave reasons for the issue. I addressed them as they came; the client confirmed I was ‘on point’. The reading continued, and more than once I had to choose my words in a professional manner in order not to bring in negativity, but it was there, in the silence of my room, as Winter’s grey skies and minimal light came through my window. The bare trees of my backyard, devoid of leaves, stood naked and exposed. This was the time for stillness and clarity. Then the client hinted about the question they wanted to ask – regarding someone’s demise. Gurgling on the silence of which I already knew the question, I said I did not want to usher in something like that – it was morally wrong of me to speak of it – as no one knows the time of death but God. To appease their anxiety, I could only fashion a question which alluded to the transition of someone to facilitate the cash flow to begin to allow the client to move forward with their life in a manner that gave them a timeline – and that time was short.

It was an ugly feeling; something I still struggle with when in reflection. I am not being judgemental, despite what it looks like. Being neutral and not placing your self in a position of the champion of justice is very hard to do. I read for people of all walks of life – people who cheat, religious people, strippers, people who use others for gain – as well as people who do not. My goal is to allow the information to flow to them so that they can listen and decide what is right for them.

Which brings me back to the goddess who is still waiting for that person: the “soulmate” who is still married to his wife who ‘trapped’ him with a baby. The facts are that he is financially and morally responsible for the child he helped create – while seeing you – and you must begin to decide what is best for YOUR life. You may eventually get him, but a divided man he’ll be. After child support, and maybe spousal support, lawyer’s fees, counseling, mediation, dealing with the house – the list is endless – will you have the luscious life you deserve?

Baby girrrl, listen.

How about you?


“I just wanted to thank you so much for reading both myself and Heather on Saturday afternoon. I felt so emotionally and physically drained after I left it was unbelievable. Your readings are so accurate and so informative and I felt a closeness to you that surprised me. I cannot tell you thank you enough times for sharing your gift with us. Many Blessings to you!!!!” — Kathleen M.

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