When I read for clients, I use three layers of cards. The first layer is information that you may need to know. I tell my clients that it may not be what their initial reason for calling. but like the commercial where the man goes to get in his car, see a note under his windshield wiper and opens it, and the note says “You are going to have a heart attack tomorrow”, the first layer reveals things that you might want to heed. It is like a ‘second set of eyes’ on yuor whole situation that you are goingthrough at the moment. It is as if you are so caught up in the current drama that you cannot see what is coming at you on the left side, right side, or sneaking up behind you.


My second layer, with its three rows, gives us what is going on right now, what is going on behind the scenes and how things will play themselves out or how things will be revealed. But deeper than that, the second layer, when placed upon the first in their respected patterns, gives deeper insight on the cards on the first layer.


The third and last layer gives insight to what is coming up and strategies for successful outcomes in the reading.


I tell my clients that the tarot reading that is being conducted is a ‘snapshot’ of the moment and gives insight as to what is happening right then. I tell them to imagine that I am a photographer for a sports magazine that is at a football game and the quarterback just backed out of the huddle. His arm is raised, the ball is in his hand and then – *SNAP!* – the photo is taken. Once that photo is ‘taken’, we do not know if he was tackled or did he get the ball off to the wide receiver. This is the same thing with a tarot reading. When the deck is opened and the cards payed out, this is the ‘photograph’ you see. How you utilize the information imparted is the answer to the outcome, just like if we know that pass was completed or not at the football game.


The tarot reading addresses the NOW. Every moment of our lives we are changing. Every millisecond we are aging and moving towards the end of our lives. Even moment our blood is flowing, hair is growing and we were not the same as we were just a minute ago. The same with the information given at a tarot reading. Once the message is imparted, it is up to you to take it to hart, reject it or allow changes to be made in the situation or not. Change begins with you. The tarot is like a ‘map’ so to speak, where you can see the ‘potholes’ or ‘detours’ in the Road of Life.


Is change good? Depends on the outcome. Sometimes you are up against a time in your life where the Universe is demanding your attention and you are either fighting it or seeing the stark reality right in front of your face. Is change always for the good or right? I tell clients that sometimes things will get worse once the reality is seen, like a pimple on your face, and you begin to cleanse it and apply medicine, but sometimes the pimple turns into the third-eye Cyclops-type of pore before it erupts and subsides. Life ebbs and flows like that as well. We all have ‘uglies’ in our lives that we have to ‘clean out and move on’. Many times this ‘clean out’ may involve people who we love (whether for good or bad) that ‘move out’ and it may be years before we see the “why” of the action taken.


Not all tarot readers are equipped to tell you this type of information, and that is why I encourage my clients to take notes so that they can refer back to them when things have settled down or when something eventful occurs in their life. When getting multiple readings over the course of the year, you may be amazed at the path your life has taken and how many of the predictions that came true when you begin to look over your notes. You might look back on the notes and see exactly where the tarot told you this was going to happen and what the end result will be.


Using your tarot reading as a ‘map’ to the path that the Universe is sending you on is an excellent way to maneuver through life’s situations to a successful existence with the World.

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