www.tarotbyjacqueline.com_fortune_teller_sacramento_ca This column is created to show the reader how the Tarot reveals its’ messages to the Client and the outcomes suggested in the reading. Enjoy! – J.

The client was given a Tarot reading which indicated great fear in not having enough money for everyday living (Ten of Earth, reversed) and not having enough for a comfortable retirement (Three of Fire, reversed). www.tarotbyjacqueline.com_ten_of_earth_reversed

The client revealed that they were in credit card debt well over $50,000.00 because of impulse shopping. Compounding this was the fact that both the client and their mate were in their sixties, and retirement was just around the corner. In addition, the client has not worked in years and the couple lived in a small town where there were limited employment opportunities.






The Karma card (upright) told that what the client was experiencing was a “learning lesson” time – which was verified by the client as they exhibited the same spending behaviors in the past and was forgiven by their partner, only to continue with the same pattern of behavior once again.


The client was advised to do the following: a.) return any item to the store whence it was bought for full or partial credit, b.) bring nice but gently used items to a consignment shop, c.) sell anything not necessary at a yard sale, d.) seek employment or, e.) create their own ’employment’ such as housecleaning, cook (they live in an area with a high demographics of elderly residents), dog sit/watch, or f.) come clean with their partner about the reoccurring behavior.

However, the deeper issue is the relationship between the client and partner. There either must be an air of ‘importance’ or ‘take care of me’ with the client or, some issues with anger.  In either case, counseling should be sought, as the issue is wearing on the nerves of the client and their health is at risk by smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. www.lucky13clover.com_elk_grove_ca

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